28 Jan

Should children start learning foreign languages at a young age?

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Experts say that a growing mind can grab lots of knowledge and can learn anything that comes across. This is why kids learn to speak in their mother tongue so easily and not only when speaking; there are other activities too which they learn at their early stages. Experts believe that children under the age of ten have a remarkable ability to learn a new language and speak fluently in it, just like native speakers.Therefore, when children start learning any foreign language at their early stages, they are most likely to be successful in learning that language, including speaking and writing. 

The question here is to understand whether children should learn any foreign language at such a young age. The answer to the same would be yes, as that is what is believed by the experts as well, that children have a huge ability to learn anything. 

Why should children learn any foreign language at such a young age?


Easy acquisition of the language

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You might have heard a child’s cooing or the way they make various sounds before they speak. There is a sequence of how they learn a language. These sounds are later formed into words, and gradually they learn the language by framing small sentences. You might have been overjoyed the first time they said “papa,” “mama,” or “dada,” thinking that your child had begun to talk.But actually, that is not the first stage of their learning a particular language. The process started from the time they started making different sounds and then finally uttering a meaningful word.

The best time to learn a foreign language

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In today’s technological era, when learning a foreign language is a necessity, it is important to learn the language as well as speak it fluently. A child is introduced to a foreign language at their elementary level by a few schools that are really focused on the development of their students, but it is good to introduce it much earlier when they are learning their own mother tongue. According to various research, babies have a tremendous ability to learn and grasp a new language, and it is said to be the best time to introduce them to a new language. Learning a foreign language can have many benefits, such as boosting confidence in a child, the ability to explore more information, and getting more job opportunities when they grow up.

Learning a foreign language naturally

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Exposing a child to learning a foreign language at an early age can help their brain develop and increase their learning potential as this is said to be the right age to learn anything new. They can speak as fluently as native speakers if they know the grammar rules and practise rote drills. Kids can learn a foreign language naturally by absorbing the sounds, intonation patterns, and rules for speaking a foreign language. 

The ease of learning a foreign language decreases with increasing age, which is why early childhood is said to be the best time to learn any new or foreign language.

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