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Role of emotional intelligence in life of an individual.

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Behaving rudely, shouting, being angry and then regretting to think why we behaved in that way. Yes, it’s a part of our life. When we really get frustrated and act according to our emotions. Emotions can lead us to do any destructive thing and it is destruction of our own self not of others, this is why managing our emotions is very important in today’s stressful world. When you try managing your emotions it is known as emotional intelligence. It plays a very important role in our life. If you know to manage your emotions you are successful if not then it is difficult to manage our own life.

The role of emotional intelligence in our lives

Emotional intelligence helps us in many ways to be successful in our life. According to Psychologist Daniel Goleman there are five components of emotional intelligence. We will know them one by one in this article.


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As Goleman says, people possessing self-awareness are humorous and confident, and they also know how people perceive them. It is vital to know and understand our own emotions and, also, the most important thing is to know the effect of our own behavior. Such people are also aware of the moods and emotions of other people. Monitoring our own behavior and feelings is very helpful in knowing about ourselves. There are various ways to improve our self-awareness skills, which include:

Writing Journals


Practicing mindfulness

Reflecting on our own behavior.

Setting goals

Creating Positivity

Practicing the above steps can lead a person to recognize his/her own strengths and weaknesses and to welcome new experiences including learning and feedback.


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The most difficult feeling for us as human being is that we don’t know where and how to express our feelings and emotions. Most of the time we are wrong in judging our own selves. Self-regulation is all about managing our emotions correctly. Self-regulated people are flexible and can adapt in any situation they can manage conflicts and can manage tensions appropriately.

Social Skills

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Some people are not able to mingle with people easily, but emotional intelligence can help us interact well with others and build strong relationships. For socializing with people easily we need to be an effective communicator as well as listener.


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The ability to understand others’ feelings and be with them when they need you is known as empathy. Responses you give to others matter a lot. If somebody is sad, we should try to know why they are sad and calm them down accordingly. When you are empathetic towards others you build good relationship with them.


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Motivation doesn’t mean to be happy with external rewards like money, fame or recognition. It means getting motivated from the inside and understanding what you want to do and why you want to do it. People who are motivated from inside don’t need others to make them happy instead they are always happy from within. 

If all the five components are followed properly, any individual can attain success without hindrance.

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