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Right age for children to go to school

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One of the most common worries for parents today is whether their kid is at the right age to get admission to a school. Earlier, schooling was believed to begin at around the age of 6. The home was seen as the right place to build important abilities. Social processes and languages are learned better in an environment of nurture and care. When children are allowed to grow in a nurturing environment rich with experiences, they develop emotionally, socially, and physically. This, in turn, forms the basis for the development of cognitive skills and complex language formation.

Every child is unique 

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According to studies, age 2 is considered the right age for a playschool, which includes simple outdoor sports and indoor games like playing with a ball, chasing something, learning to catch, running, etc. By the age of 3, the child is able to tell the names of different pictures shown to them. At this age, you can start teaching them simple words in alphabetical order, like “apple,” “boy,” “cat,” etc. Let them pronounce each sound loud and clear.

Age 3 is said to be the perfect age for oral teaching and learning. Singing and reciting rhymes are some of the best ways to introduce them to new words. Make sure that these activities are included in the playschool activities.

 Age 5–6 is suitable for kindergartens, where they can learn and memorize. It is the ideal age to introduce pencils to babies. Here are a few things to check before you join your kids in kindergarten.

Motor skills

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Physical activity skills such as catching small things, balancing, jumping, etc. It also includes small muscle movements like turning pages, holding crayons or a pencil, etc. These are important for developing hand-eye coordination.

Social skills

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Kids with good social skills are capable of interacting with teachers and other students. They can initiate a conversation or reply when asked something.

Emotional development

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In kindergarten, kids will be required to express themselves to other children and teachers. They should know to express their feelings and ideas.

Cognitive development

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It involves a child’s ability to learn and understand things. They must be able to retain basic information to engage well in class. This plays a major role in the success of their home-to-school transition.

Though age 6 is considered the ideal age to start going to school, it completely depends on the child’s development. A child should attain a certain level of socio-economic growth to be able to qualify for kindergarten’s best age criteria. Hence, introducing the right things at the right age leads to less stress and more success.

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