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Reading a story to kids before sleeping

Reading a story to kids before sleeping.


girl in red shirt lying on bed reading book

Bed time stories, our all-time favourite. Remember when we were kids, our grandparents or parents used to tell us different stories which would take us to the world of imagination? We all are very fond of stories, and so are our kids. Reading stories can develop many skills in our kids. So reading story books before they go to sleep is very much beneficial.


Benefits of reading story books to kids:


Development of language:


woman sitting while reading book

As children are small and in a phase of learning, they grab everything very quickly. Reading story books helps them to develop their language as well as their imagination. So read one story every day to your kids when they go to sleep.


Development of vocabulary:


couple reading book on couch

Reading stories is fun. Children learn better while having fun. Stories help them to have fun as well as come across new words. Your kid might be asking you for the meaning of different words when you read a story to them. This also develops the skill of questioning in them.


They learn to discuss:


boy in blue and white plaid shirt reading book

Many children are shy and keep themselves aloof from any kind of discussions. But when parents are part of a discussion, the child gets motivated and starts speaking. Reading stories helps us to start a discussion with our child and hence learn to talk as well as to converse.


The world of imagination:


stack of books on brown wooden table

Our world of imagination is very different than the real world. But as we grow up, we stop visiting our world of imagination, but our kids start visiting there. So let them imagine more by reading more story books.


Develops a sense of feelings:


person trying to touch the brown book

Stories are something which can create an attachment with the characters of the story. Our kids also get attached to the characters of a story and can feel their happiness and pain. Stories can develop the sense of empathy in our kids.


Using different tones:


man in blue shirt lying on bed

When we read, we use different tones to differentiate between a happy and sad statement and also to differentiate between a question and an answer. This helps kids develop different tones while talking. As well as it creates fun while reading. When you read different sentences in different tones, your kid laughs and giggles, and this is how you both enjoy reading a story.


Story reading are always enjoyable and fun. So teach your kids to read while having fun.

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