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Public Speaking skills

Public Speaking skills:


man standing and making a speech

Speaking in front of the public is not an easy task. It takes lots of practice and effort. We all get nervous when we hear of public speaking or if we come to know that we have to speak in front of the public. Here, the most important thing which we should note is that most of the public speakers are shy and are not comfortable to face the public. Let’s take the example of Simon Sinek, the famous Ted talk speaker. We all might have watched Simon Sinek’s Ted talk, he seems to be so confident, isn’t it? But in real life, Simon Sinek is a very shy person, he generally prefers to hide in some corner and not to get caught by anybody at parties.

Simon Sinek’s example tells us that its only practise which can make us a perfect public speaker. Let’s look into some steps which can develop us to be a good public speaker.

Be calm and climb the stage:


silhouette of person sitting on chair

The best thing to face the public is to maintain peace in our mind. While going to the stage, be calm and face the public with a smile. Look at everybody that will give you the courage to start your speech. Do not start speaking as soon as you climb the stage, it might make you much more nervous. So give a minute to yourself to be comfortable and to face the public.

Always try to give something to the public:


man standing on stage

Whenever the public gather in a place, they want to get some value through your speech. So always start your talk by giving some values to the people. If you are someone from a technical background, you can share your technical know-how with the crowd. When you give value, you create a connection between the public and yourself. This connection leads you to the path of success.

The public likes to listen to stories:


people standing on stage with lights turned on during nighttime

Include some real life stories in your speech, so that it will make you comfortable to speak as well as the public will get interested in listening to it. We all love to listen to stories, and if it is a real life story, then it’s awesome.

Make eye contact with the public:


persons blue eyes in close up

Just moving your eyes over the crowd is like scanning over them. It is always good to make eye contact with your audience while speaking so that they get a feeling that you are speaking to them, not delivering a speech. Try to make eye contact with an individual, finish your sentence and then move to the other person.

Speak slowly:


man in black suit jacket

Most people prefer to speak fast while delivering a speech, finish it and then climb down the stage. But the aim of our speech is to give some message to the public. If they don’t get what you are speaking, there is no point in speaking. So speak slowly and let people understand what you are speaking. Let them know the reason why you are speaking, let them get some value, some idea from you.

Say thank you:


woman holding microphone standing on stage

Say thank you to the audience before ending the speech, as they have listened to you patiently. So always say thank you to the public.


“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practise” … Vladimir Horowitz

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