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Personal Development

Personal Development:

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Personal development is a never-ending process. As we go further in our life, we learn new things which add up to our personality. Late, Sri. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was one of the famous personalities who kept on learning and improving himself throughout his life.

Mr. Sridhar Vembu, the founder and CEO of ZOHO Corps still works hard to grow his company and along with that grows himself. Though he is the world’s 59th richest Indian man, he has never stopped hard working and keeps doing many other developmental work.

Through these we can understand that only hard work can develop our personality as well as make us successful. Personal development is a skill which is not taught in schools or colleges, but this is one of the main skills which helps us to grow in our careers.

Is personal development important?

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Most of us dream of being a successful person but refrain from doing hard work. We think that they are lucky or they are born rich or hard work is only their cup of tea. But the truth is, hard work and self-determination can lead you anywhere you like to be. A person who does hard work always succeeds in life. Personal development helps us to know our goal and work accordingly to achieve it. It helps us to enhance our existing skills and provides clarity to our vision.

How can we develop our personality:


Identify your goal:

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Understanding our goal helps us to work on the right path to achieve it. So identify your goal.


Strengthen your skills:

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Learn new skills which will improve your personality. As you learn new skills, you come across various new things which enlarges your insight about the world.

Be in a company of people with a good personality and positive thoughts:

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The type of people you meet always affects you. If you are in a company of good-personality people, you learn many things from them, like how to talk, how to answer, how to react, how to dress up, eat etc. At the same time, as they are a positive thinker and a hard worker, so will you be.

Read books on personality development:

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There are various personality development books which can show you the correct path of developing your skills and mindset.

According to many people, it is 80% mindset and 20% skill. So at the end, what is needed is to develop our mindset to develop everything in our life.

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