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Permissive Parenting

Permissive Parenting

Permissive parenting is a type of parenting where kids are given immense love and care with little rules and guidelines to follow. In this type of parenting parents usually demand very little from their kids and behave like a friend to them.

This type of parenting is good to solve behavioral or academic problems in kids.

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Though this kind of parenting is good to some extent, researchers found that children raised under such type of parenting have less self-control.

As they grew in an environment where there was no rule to follow, and no demand to fulfill, they tend to have less self-control when they grow up. They lack many abilities like decision-making and problem-solving. These kids get easily attracted to alcohol, drugs, and other improper behaviors. They are very aggressive and emotional and are not able to manage their time and habits.

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Since they didn’t have any demand to fulfill or discipline to follow as a kid, they are not able to understand and adjust in the real world.

How to raise our kids correctly?

Authoritative parenting is much better than permissive parenting. It’s very hard to change from permissive parenting to authoritative parenting since most of the time children do not tend to listen to what their parents are saying.

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So what should be done in such cases?

Set a list of rules to follow:

When kids understand what your expectations are from them, they try to implement the rules in their behavior. Though you have to keep on poking them to follow the rules.

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Be a little strict with them:

It’s always good to be strict and raise a good child rather than showing love and raising a distorted child. Always ask them to follow the rules, in case they don’t listen to you, you have to be a little bit firm and strict.

Let them know the adverse effect of not following the rules:

If children understand things, they grab them better. Let them know why they should follow the rules and how it will benefit them. Most of the time children tend to follow rules when they know the effects of not following them.

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Give feedback:

Try to give feedback to them on every behavior. Let them know where they are wrong and where they need improvement.

Praise for good behavior:

Yes, praising and feedback go hand in hand. Don’t forget to praise your child for their good behavior. This will motivate them to be good children and follow the rules.

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“It is good to show little love if it is good for their future, it’s good to be a little strict if that’s what is needed to make them strong.”

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