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The Art of Negotiation

The Art of Negotiation:

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The process of settling differences between two parties is known as negotiation. It’s a type of strategy where two parties discuss an issue to find a resolution which is acceptable by both. This is done to avoid argument and reach a point of compromise. Both the parties keep their position and justify it, but the key point of negotiating is to accept the differences while keeping a good relationship between both the parties. Knowing negotiating skills may benefit you a lot. If you know negotiation, you will be able to settle differences with others.

What are the benefits of negotiating:

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It helps in building a healthy relationship.
It helps to avoid future conflict.
Proper solutions can be reached through negotiation.
Success and growth is easy to achieve when differences are settled through negotiation.

What are your negotiating skills?

Negotiating skills are the art of dealing with differences and come to a common solution acceptable by both the parties or organisation. Every company recruits somebody smart and intelligent who can resolve their daily small issues. So knowing negotiating skills helps you to grow in your organisation, or if you are a businessman, it helps you to reach the optimum level of success.

Study the agenda or issue:

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Before discussing anything, it is very important to know about the issue. Understand deeply why the issue has come into existence and where the point of difference is.

Know the position of the other party:

Knowing the position of the other party helps us to know what they want and how they want and how we deal with it. If we know these things, we will come to know how we keep our position before them.

Prepare before hand to negotiate an issue:

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Planning things ahead helps us to deal with the situation smartly. Know about your organisation and their policies and prepare accordingly.

Communicating your position:

Communication is very important for negotiation as this is how you have the other party know your position. Keeping your position clearly before the other party is very much needed as this will let the other party know what you want exactly or what is your part of solving the issue.

Listening to the other party:

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Listening attentively to the other party while negotiating helps you to know what they want, what their position is and why there is an issue.

Discuss with other members of your team:

Before landing on any solution, it’s always good to know what others think about the issue and the position of the other party. Know their suggestion and their viewpoints. This will help you to come to a proper resolution which will be acceptable by both the parties.

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For dealing with any issue, the speaker must possess good interpersonal skill which influences the other party. The way you communicate, listen and understand the other party lets them know about your personality. So if you have a smart and positive attitude, your half of the task is done.
Along with this, you should also have proper and deep knowledge about the issue. Negotiating skills are needed both in our personal and professional life to keep our life smooth and happy.

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