25 Oct

Make Interventions in your family a norm

person touching baby's feet with two silver-colored rings

How a kid develops into an individual totally depends on the culture and socialisation of the family he or she belongs to. Family is the primary agent which helps in the growth and socialisation of any individual. Fulfilment of physical and psychological needs by the family decides on the success of a kid. Interventions are very much required in the development phase of every child which affects them mentally and emotionally and, ultimately, a change in behaviour.

When a child takes birth, every day it grows a little and learns a little by watching their family members. But there can be situations where a kid might grow as a misbehaved child or might not know how to behave in public. Read our blogs on: https://gradx.co/how-to-handle-kids-when-they-react-with-outbursts/

Family interventions are required to curtail such behaviour and bring the child on the right track. There are many interventions designed by experts which could be followed by families to prevent the development of aggressive and antisocial behaviour. These interventions generally focus on parents to change their parenting techniques.

According to Patterson, harsh parenting can contribute to growing aggression in small kids; whereas, if parents are cooperative, the child can grow as a well-behaved child and a pro-social child. 


Some of the intervention techniques which can be followed as a norm by the parents are;


Praise and reward to reinforce acceptable behaviour


A Happy Family Having Fun

Whenever the child is doing something good and correct, praising at the moment cannot only help to encourage but to let them know that it was a good thing he or she did. They start understanding which all actions of theirs make their parents happy and which do not.

Rewarding them makes them happy and reinforces the behaviour which they would love to repeat again.

Replace criticism and physical punishments


Mom Kissing Her Cute Crying Daughter

It is always said everywhere that a child should not be criticised with harsh words which would lead them to lose confidence. On the other hand, if they are punished physically, they might turn out to be aggressive and rebellious. Both things are a strong no for we parents. Isn’t it? 

Try to practise something like time-out or brief-loss for privileges. If they are not listening or are misbehaving, let them know which all things they are not going to get. This can control their wrong behaviour.

Increase positive involvement with your children

Play with them


A Family Playing with a Kite in the Park

Children loves to play, but when their parents play with them, they become more happy and play joyfully. When they get to know and learn different techniques of the game from you, they feel more attached to you and share everything with you.

Read books with them


Man and Woman Sitting on Chair

Reading is always our favourite, and when it is a matter of reading small stories, it becomes more interesting. Read books with your kid. Read them different stories and talk to them about different facts of the world. Inform them about different worldly matters and problems. Some times oral conversation is more effective than reading writing practise which is done in school.

Listen to them


Family Together on Couch

Most of the time we think that our kids are small, and they don’t have anything important to say. But whether it is important for you or not, it is important for them and for their growth. So listen to them and let them know you are there to listen and support them.

Every time we think of our child’s misbehaviour, we think of changing them rather than think of changing yourself and your parenting techniques.

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