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Life skills to groom a child into an individual.

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As children grow, mothers need to shrink their responsibility or caring attitude a little to groom them into becoming independent individuals. When kids are small, parents take care of everything, right from preparing food to studying to their safety. But this can not be continued even when our kids are grown up. We all have to equip our kids with some life skills that can help them take care of themselves when parents or caregivers are not around. 

Life skills, which are essential for every child to grow up as an individual,

Doing their daily work.

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Every child should know to do their daily routine work like brushing, bathing, dressing, etc. They should also know to arrange their books and keep their rooms clean. Children generally do not learn to keep their rooms clean, as that is something that is done by their mother. But mothers should take charge and teach their kids to take care of themselves as well as their belongings. 

These abilities will be useful when they move on to another location to further their education or find work.

Make your own choices.

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I think this is one of the most important skills that kids should learn. When they ask you what they should do now, they should be cross-questioned to understand what they think about it. What is the priority and which activity should be taken first?

I often find my child listening to his older friends and doing whatever they want him to do. Though they take advantage of him being young, I think children should understand what to listen to and what not to listen to, i.e., listen to their heart and make their own decisions.

Knowing how to use first aid

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Children should know to take care of their health and care for themselves. We can’t always be near them to take their care. In such cases, they should know what to do when they or somebody else is hurt.

Just try to give this knowledge to them when they are young, so that when they grow up they will know what to do. For example, if they are cut somewhere on their body, apply detail and put on a band aid. Let them know when they are hurt they should use detail and a bandaid. Knowledge of home remedies is something which they should know, being an Indian child. When their stomach is upset, if they know they should avoid junk and start having curd, bananas, or lemonade, it can ease their stomach as well as keep them healthy.

Communicate with others.

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It is very important for a child to know how to communicate with others. Communication skills can make anything easy. They can easily approach anybody and convey their message. So, even if your child is talking nonsense, you should never stop them from talking to others.We can intervene, though, to make them understand that this is not a topic to talk about and ask them to talk about something different.

Knowing life skills can make their and your lives easier. Start empowering them with various life skills right now.

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