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Life skills that are not taught in schools.

Life skills that are not taught in schools.

Life skills are those skills which are required in our day-to-day life to survive and be successful. It helps us to deal with the issues and problems that might arise daily. It gives us mental peace and also helps us to maintain cordial relationships with others. Nowadays many employers look for life skills in their candidates. These are those skills which we learn from our parents or from others in the journey of life after getting many hits. Most of us don’t know how to tackle with our daily situations, because these are the things which are not taught in our schools, and they don’t find any place in the school curriculum.

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So let us understand a few life skills which are important for all of us to be happy and successful.

1. Learn to live in the present:

Needless to say, and we all know that most of the time we are either in our past or in our future. We just forget to enjoy our present. We don’t see what we have now to be happy, thinking of our future or our past. Life skills teach us to be in our present and enjoy our life.

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2. Learn to be happy:

Our schools teach us many things, but they forget to teach us how to be happy. We don’t need anything to be cheerful in our life. Whatever we are doing, at the end what matters is to be joyful. So try to be happy with what you are doing and what you have.

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3. Have faith in yourself:

Yes, believe your self as, when you believe yourself, your half of the work is done. When you trust yourself, you get confidence to achieve your goal. We have an invisible connection with our soul, which helps us to do all the good work which we think about, but that could be achieved only when we have faith in ourselves.

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4. Learn to forgive others:

It’s very hard to forgive those who have hurt you, but when you forgive them, you get peace in your mind, getting relief from all the negative thoughts. The art of forgiveness is something which is not taught in our schools but is very important to achieve a successful life. This needs patience and understanding, which lacks in many of us.

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5. Learn from your failures:

Be happy when you fail in something, thinking of the first step which you took and the experience which you got from it. Failing is good, it makes us strong and teaches us how to take the next step and ultimately reach the goal.

6. Learn to deal with harsh realities:

Often we find people unable to face office politics and get stressed. Office politics is nothing but a game of achievement in which we all are involved. Learn to face the harsh realities of life, learn to cope with them.

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7. Stay focused:

Stay focused on what you are doing. When you stay focused, you get the best out of everything you do, be it something for your personal achievement or professional achievement. This makes you happy as well as others happy too.


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                                                           “Life is a beautiful journey cherish it….”

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