23 Jul

Let your kid have fun while learning

Let your kid have fun while learning:


group of women standing on green grass field during daytime


Parents always want their kids to be good at something so that they can be an expert in it when they grow up. Studying different subjects in our childhood lets us become strong when we grow up. We keep thinking of this and keep nagging behind our kids to study. We know that studies are important for our future, but our kids are not aware of it.


      “What we learn with pleasure we never forget…” Alfred Mercier


Imposing things on kids makes them more arrogant, and they mostly don’t want to do what is imposed on them. But if we can add a dash of fun in our teaching style, it becomes easier for them to learn as well as it creates interest in them.


Sprinkle a little bit of fun in learning:


Introduce a lesson with an activity or a story:


group of kids standing while raising their hands


Before teaching anything, we must create interest and hunger in our kids to learn more. Always try to introduce a lesson by doing an activity or by telling a story or asking a question. This creates interest in kids to know what you are going to teach.

Break a single lesson into many pieces:


two toddler playing letter cubes


Children are very active, and they can’t sit in one place doing or listening to one thing for a long time. Breaking a lesson into several pieces makes understanding better.

Let them share their view or ask questions:


boy using sewing machine


Most of the time we ask our kids to be quiet and listen to what we are telling. Rather than doing this, we can ask our kids to raise their hands if they have any question, and we should also let them know that they can question only when we have finished explaining as interrupting in between is bad manners. Children are happy when they know that their teachers or parents listen to them.

Clear the concept:


boy holding book on his head


Learning is incomplete if the learner does not understand the concept behind it. Activities like Role Play, Think Pair and Share, Jig Saw are some methods which children love to indulge in as well as you are successful in conveying the concept of the said lesson.

Include technology in learning:


boy and girl uses VR goggles in front hot air balloons wallpaper


Technology has nowadays become a vital part of the teaching learning process. Most of the high-end schools have a smart board in each classroom to make learning fun. When we show videos to our kids based on a certain topic, they love to learn more about it as interest is created in them through technology.

Field Trip:


three men fishing during day


Nature is the mother of education. Many famous people like Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi have said teaching in the open ground is much more beneficial than teaching inside the concrete walls. Take your kids to a field trip and let them learn through nature.


                  So let’s make learning fun rather than imposing it.

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