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kids different learning activities during the pandemic

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Stay home, stay safe, is the norm of the current pandemic period. We can all stay at our homes, keeping ourselves busy with office work, but the moment we think about our kids, it really becomes difficult to confine them inside the four walls. People talk about different activities that can be done to keep them busy, but how much? How much study? How much drawing? How much crafting? Children, with their growing minds and bodies, want to go out and meet their friends, and yes, they miss their schools as well. In such a scenario, it is hard to keep them engaged at home. Though it sounds difficult, there are a few activities that can be done to keep them engaged and learn new things.

Tips to help kids learn different things

Online Classes

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Due to the current pandemic, many EdTech have come into being with their experienced and professional teachers. They have customised materials that can suit every child. They don’t have any pressure to complete the syllabus, so whatever they teach is concept based. Children can learn different things by joining such classes. GradX is one such EdTech that supports kids’ learning by giving them different experiences through their classes.

Watch educational videos

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Watching educational videos can help children learn things clearly as it gives a visual experience of everything. It doesn’t mean showing videos related to their subjects all the time, but videos based on life, universal truths, or historical places can also be shown. Children nowadays love to watch videos, and we can use this to help them learn more.

Online conversation with friends

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Due to COVID, our children are not able to meet with their friends, but it is very important for them to talk to their friends as their mindset is different than ours. Help them meet with their friends online and discuss various things. This will help them to learn as well as entertain themselves.

Learning new things

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The coronavirus pandemic has given people ample time to learn new things, and so is the case with kids. Kids can learn new crafts, oil painting, or mold something with clay. This can develop their creative minds to create many new things.

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