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Kids with special needs.

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Every parent wants their kid to grow as a normal child and enjoy everything they see, have lots of friends and talk a lot with them. But there are kids who are not able to socialise and make friends. These kids might suffer with learning disorders like autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia or ADHD. These are the kids who need special attention and special care.

It is difficult to distinguish between toddlers in order to determine whether or not they require extra attention, because all children require attention when they are young. However, as children grow older, these distinctions become more apparent. Parents must be aware of their children’s behaviour in order to determine whether they require particular attention.

How to understand if your kid needs special care


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Kids with special needs are often slow developers. They might be a late walker or talker or might not have strong sensory and motor skills.

Challenges faced by kids with special needs


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Special needs children might face various challenges such as slow development of language, not being able to socialise, difficulty in reading and writing and other mental issues. These children are those who are excluded by other kids, bullied, troubled, neglected etc. 

They need more attention from their parents and care givers. They might have behavioural issues and might not be able to concentrate and sit in one place.

If you see such things in your kid, your kid might be suffering with Autism, ADHD or other types of developmental disorders. 

What are the developmental issues?



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Autism is a disorder where the child faces difficulties to socialise with people, language development is not up to the level, not knowing or understanding how to behave in public.

Children suffering with Autism might face medical issues like seizures and sleep disorders.

Signs of Autism can be identified when kids are 2 to 3 years of age. Try to identify and intervene, as early intervention can cure their problem and give them a normal life.



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Attention deficit hyper order disorder. Whether a child has ADHD or not can be found out during their childhood. If your kid is not able to concentrate and control their emotions, you have to check if they have ADHD. 

Treatment of ADHD is generally done through various therapies. Parents are trained to behave in a particular manner to deal with ADHD kids. If therapy doesn’t work, the doctor might recommend medication.



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Kids who are not able to read or have a problem identifying speech sounds might suffer with dyslexia. This affects parts of the brain which help in language development. 

Parents must help their kid to understand and identify various speech sounds and help them develop their language as well as reading skills.



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Certain kids face problems to understand maths and calculations. Such kids suffer from a learning disorder known as dyscalculia where the brain doesn’t help to understand the concept of calculation. These kids too need parents’ attention and care so that they can face their challenge.



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When a kid is not able to write properly or has trouble understanding writing patterns, such kids are those who suffer from dysgraphia.

All the above challenges can be cured with parents’ intervention, but if the problem is out of control, in then a doctor’s consultation could be a better option.

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