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Is your kid eating healthy food?

Is your kid eating healthy food?

A few years back when the market was not flourished with all kinds of packed and junk foods, healthy food was the only option for us to grab. Parents on those days didn’t have to think much about their kids’ eating habits. But as the days are going by, things are changing drastically around us. Now markets are full of packed food and junk food. Kids nowadays love to eat junk and packed food, giving less preference to healthy options. In such a situation, it has become very important for parents to intervene and check their kids’ eating habits.

Develop healthy eating habits:

girl in pink and white floral dress eating bread

Offer them a small portion of health every time they are hungry:

Instead of giving them a packet of chips or a few biscuits, give them a handful of dry fruits or fresh fruit when they are hungry. Chips and biscuits are handy and liked by our kids, but as they are not easily digestible, our kids are not hungry for their next meal. On the other hand, fruits and dry fruits are healthy and easily digestible, which makes them hungry again after a short span of time.

brown peanuts on white ceramic bowl

Increase their physical activity:

Physical activity keeps us fit and healthy both bodily and mentally. It is important for kids to be playful and active, which helps in their growth process and also makes them hungry from time to time. Remember to offer them something nutritious when they are really hungry.

3 women in red tank top and blue shorts standing on yellow and blue trampoline

Healthy options at home:

Nowadays it has become a trend to store our kitchen and fridge with unhealthy options so that we can grab something easily when we are hungry. Also, there are some packed foods which promise us to provide nutrition and at the same time, we can prepare them instantly without wasting much time, such as noodles, masala oats, packed soups, etc. But are they really healthy? Actually, there are lots of preservatives mixed in them so that they don’t get perished very soon, and at the same time they also contain various types of chemicals to make them tasty and craving. Both of which are not good for our kids. It’s better, to store our kitchen with fruits, dry fruits, various kinds of roasted legumes and cereals, curd, milk, etc. When there are no unhealthy options, kids automatically eat healthily, and you offer them healthy and nutritious food.

green and pink plastic container

Colorful food plate:

There are kids who are very fussy about their eating habits, and it becomes very hard for parents to feed them nutritious fruits and vegetables. Colour is something that attracts kids. Try to offer them a plate full of colorful food. It might be your kid can have one or two bites from the plate.

sliced vegetables on brown wooden bowl

Avoid packed drinks:

Always try to give a glass full of juice which you have squeezed out of, fresh fruits then and there. Packed drinks being high in sugar content is not good for us as well as for our kids.

person holding knife slicing lemon

Always sit together to have your meals:

Most of the time we are busy doing our daily work. Mealtime is the time when we can sit together with our family members and have food together. The care and love which reflect togetherness, induces positive energy in our kids, as a result, they feel happy during mealtime and try to have a healthy platter.

family eating at the table


“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”….La Rochefoucauld.

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