18 Feb

Is painting important for kids?

Boy in Pink Crew-neck Top With Paints on His Hands and Face

Colors and children have a deep relationship. It is said that coloring can help kids develop their mental and physical abilities. The moment a kid is asked to paint, he/ she is ready for it. While teaching kids in a class, if it becomes difficult to manage them all, just ask them to take out their colors and start to draw. They all become happy and interested in doing it without sparing a second. How can painting help in the development of our kids? Let’s understand through this article.

Building Fine Motor Skills

Person Tracing His Hand On Paper

Painting requires kids to hold their brush and move it in the direction they want to. This helps them connect with their brain, and there is coordination between their hands and their minds. For painting anything, they need to think about it, and this is how brain muscles are activated. Their finger movements and wrist movements also develop through painting. Some children love to scribble with colors. Let them scribble and don’t stop them, as this too helps in the development of their motor skills.

The ability to communicate

Two Kids Doing Some Artworks

Pre-schoolers are not able to express their feelings, but if they start to paint, they get a chance to release their expressions. Finger painting is suitable for small kids. Their choice of colors and how they combine them especially helps them to express their feelings. Involving them in different painting activities can help develop their mental ability and they also develop their verbal skills.

Parents can ask different questions of them and help them express their feelings.

Experimenting through Painting

A Boy Learning How to Paint

Children can be creative through mixing various colors and creating many designs out of them. Creativity and experimentation go hand in hand. When they experiment with colors, they come up with their own unique creativity. As they paint, their brain vessels are developed, and we don’t know when they will come up with a new innovation.

Parents can also participate with them and help them understand themselves and the skills they hold in them.

Boosting their self-esteem

Gils Paints at Art Class

Painting means freedom. There are no rules to follow while painting. There is no wrong or right. Children are free when they paint, without any judgement or fear of failing. Here it is a chance for them to understand their own mistake and then correct it. They develop their self-esteem in this way and are able to be a little more mature when facing the world.

Set them free and let them paint without showing them any rules to follow or judging them. Help them meet their creativity and develop their skills.

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