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Is a good teacher important for a student’s learning experience?

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In our Indian culture, a teacher is said to be a Guru, an ocean of knowledge. Imparting knowledge and grooming a child to give his or her best is what a teacher does. If somebody has got a teacher who understands them as well as advises them in every situation of life, they can think themselves lucky.

In the Mahabharata, Krishna was the guru of Arjuna, and all his teachings are scripted in our sacred book, the holy Gita. In the same way, if we study the lives of Lord Krishna and Rama, we will come across various Gurus who imparted the best knowledge to them.

A teacher has got a very important role to play in a child’s life. It is always said that a teacher is the one who can make or break a child. A kind word or a little appreciation from the mouth of a teacher can do wonders in a child’s life. This is why every teacher should think of themselves as creators of successful individuals rather than thinking of themselves as mere teachers.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has said in one of his speeches that the role he likes the most is that of a teacher, because on the shoulders of teachers lies the responsibility to mould the individuals of tomorrow.

An important role played by teachers

Encourage students to do their best.

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The most important role played by a teacher is to understand their students and help them develop their skills. A teacher is the one who spends more time with kids and hence knows them better than parents. They know each child and what they are good at. If a teacher could motivate kids and help them polish their skills, it would do wonders.

The first thing both parents and teachers should keep in mind is not to compare the kids with each other. If a child is good in studies, he/she might not be good in sports or other extracurricular activities.

Educator. R. H. Reeves has written in his fable, “The Animal School,” that once all animals thought of going to school. The duck that was good at swimming was not appreciated for its skills in swimming; in fact, it was put into a special class to learn how to run fast. The duck was made to run until its web feet were worn out. And lastly, it scored an average in swimming too.

It is the role of the teacher to understand the child, their abilities, and mould them accordingly.

Instilling Values

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A child without values can’t grow up to be a human. It is very important to bring children up with various values like kindness, empathy, sympathy, etc. A good teacher would not focus on only completing the syllabus, but rather infuse each child with lots of values and grow them up as a strong and confident individual.

Counselling of students

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A teacher is an all-in-one person; an educator, doctor, mother, counselor, etc. As a counselor, the teacher tries to talk to the child and understand his or her problems and solve them accordingly. They try to show the right path to the kids and help them in every way they can. After parents, it is the place of a teacher who is closer to the children. Hence, children are also open to talking to the teacher who is close to them and understands them well.

It’s not the degree of B.Ed. that makes an individual a teacher, but it is their compassionate heart that proves them to be a true teacher.

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