12 Oct

How to travel more eco-friendly

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Save the earth, save life is what people are getting aware of nowadays and are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle to keep themselves as well as their surroundings healthy. When it comes to travelling, if we are a little more conscious about leaving our carbon footprints, we can build a healthy environment together. People roam around the world in search of love and joy, but if we are least bothered about our surroundings, they lose their serendipity. A little responsibility to travel in a responsible manner and keep our planet green is what every traveller should keep in mind. Here are some tips which can help us travel in an eco-friendly manner.

Start using jute bags

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We all know that plastic is not good for nature, so to help nature we can start using jute bags. As we all know, jute bags are made up of natural materials; hence, they are not harmful to nature as well as being eco-friendly.

Stop using your own cars

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We are all in a haste to reach somewhere by taking out our cars. All we do is reach late and increase pollution in the environment. Instead, if we could start a little early and use public transport, that would be an added benefit to both the environment and people. Travel by public buses, metros, trams, or trains. Travelling somewhere by train not only reduces pollution but also increases your family time.

Riding a bicycle

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Gone are the days when we used bicycles every now and then. Let’s bring that habit to life again. Nothing could be as healthy as a bicycle. Cycling is one of the best exercises to keep our bones and muscles active and healthy. Not only can you exercise, but you can also travel from one place to another using your bicycle, along with carrying your luggage on it.

Use organic food

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Save the soil norm is going on nowadays because of the usage of chemicals has depleted the quality of our soil. Buying and using organic produce can reduce pollution as well as make our soil fertile. Organic foods are good for our health as well as for nature. If we all start buying organic produce, the farmers would be motivated to grow vegetables and fruits more organically.

Stop using digital media

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Our everyday life is full of stress and tensions where we cannot think of living without our phones and laptops, but while travelling, it is better if we give more time to nature, to ourselves, to our family and friends. Keep the use of phones and laptops as limited as possible. Our mobile phones and laptops also emit harmful rays, which is not good for our health as well as the environment. Reducing our usage of such devices can help us think as well as work more.

Booking eco-conscious accommodations

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It really hurts me when I see some good restaurants using plastic utensils to serve their customers. “Stop using plastic.” Awareness is going on everywhere. Being a little more conscious, we can book eco-friendly hotels where they are not using any kind of hazardous materials and are environmentally friendly. In the same way, try using eco-friendly eateries.

Still, there are some eco-friendly eateries where they use plates made up of leaves and mud glasses.

Next time you travel, try following all the above tips to keep our earth healthy and pollution free.

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