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How to teach the value of honesty and accountability to your kids

How to teach the value of honesty and accountability to your kids:


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One day I gave some sums to my son to solve and continued doing my own work. While I was working, I was watching him at the same time to know if he was doing his work. After some time he asked whether or not he could watch TV, when I asked if he had completed his work. Without thinking for a moment, he said yes, assuming that I would not check it. So I asked him to show me his work when he said that they were difficult, and he didn’t do them. Listening to this, I was disappointed, but I didn’t miss the chance of inducing values in him. I asked him why he lied, and if they were difficult, he could have asked me for help. This is how I introduced the value of honesty and accountability to my child.
Values are rules of our life. Which if followed, our life becomes smoother and we become strong and wise. On the other hand, if we don’t follow values, we are not human at all.

Children are small, they don’t understand what values are, their conscience is not developed, so we should make them understand about values by telling them different moral stories and also by stopping them when they are wrong.

Tips to enforce the value of honesty and accountability in our kids:

Be a role model:

Children always follow their parents. Be a role model for them by following all the values. Always be truthful to them. Promise them of doing something only if you can do it; otherwise, don’t promise at all because if you promise and don’t do it, you break their hearts and their expectations, and at the same time you teach them how to lie unknowingly.

Read good moral stories to them:

Children’s short stories are always full of morals. Read different stories to them every day so that they can come across different morals or values of life. Our mythological stories are full of values. Reading mythological stories lets them understand our culture as well as values.

Interfere wherever necessary:

Don’t ignore any mistake done by your kid. If you see they are lying, make them understand why we should not lie and what can happen if they keep on lying.

Let them understand what accountability is:

Kids don’t know what accountability is. To teach them, we can give them some work which they can do as well as they are interested in doing it. When they finish doing, praise them and tell them how responsibly they have completed the work.

Let them know your expectations:

Talk to them positively and let them know that they will definitely finish all their given tasks within a given time. Tell them what you expect out of them and let them know that you trust them.

Children learn what they see and hear. First, we are accountable to show the right behaviour in front of them and then expect the same from them. So always try to follow values and let them understand how important it is for a happy life ahead.

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