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How to recognise kinaesthetic learners and how to help them excel?

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Learning new things and absorbing new concepts helps a child gain more knowledge about the given things and situations. However, each child learns differently or may understand a concept from various perspectives based on their own understanding and learning style.Teachers and parents know how each child is different from the other and how their ways of learning and grabbing on to new things are separate from each other.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence

According to Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist and educational researcher, different children learn in different ways. He says that in a given group of children where all are equally intelligent, a lesson plan may work successfully for some, while for others it might not. Based on his research, he published Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. He says that there are seven different styles of learning:







Logical mathematical

In this article we are going to understand the kinesthetic learning style.

Kinesthetic learning

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Some kids learn better by touching different materials and things or through hands-on learning. Such learners are said to be kinesthetic learners. These kids learn better by touching and absorbing information through motion or movement. They understand things better only when they do them practically, by touching or moving accordingly.

Is your child a kinesthetic learner?

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Sometimes we get confused about understanding which kind of learners our kids are. We feel if we could have known their learning style, we could have taught them better. Well, here are some tips to help you understand if your kid is a kinesthetic learner or not.

Children who love to build blocks or often tear or break things to know what’s inside are known to be kinesthetic learners. So, if your kid asks you, “Let me see that” or “Let me hold that once,” then understand that your kid is a kinesthetic learner. These kids may choose clay modelling or paper crafting over drawing or painting. Such kids are very imaginative, and they love to read books where the objects move.

How to help a kinesthetic learner to be a better learner

Now we know that kinesthetic learners learn better through touching different objects or by having practical experience of the concept. How can we help them to get hands-on experience, is the question? Below are some tips to help them learn better.


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Pattern blocks, base ten blocks, and abacuses are some mathematical objects which can help our kids understand maths concepts. There are numerous math-based games available today that can be purchased to assist the child in clearly grasping mathematical knowledge.


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Magnetic letters with a metal board are a good idea to introduce kids to the English alphabet as well as help them learn spelling. Not only this, these magnetic letters can be displayed on a fridge or other magnetic gadgets so that whenever the child sees the colourful letters, they are attracted towards them and play with them.

Map cut outs

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Sometimes it is very hard for older children to remember places on a map. Puzzles such as map cutouts can help them to know the shape of the map and where each place is located. These experiences are concrete and can remain in our memory throughout life.

Every child has a different style of learning. When they are kids, we should try to analyse their ways of learning and serve them accordingly. This will not only increase their interest in learning but will also provide them with a solid foundation.

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