05 Nov

How to raise a happy child?

Happy girl playing with dogs on ground

Often we come across concepts on raising a smart kid, a successful kid or an intelligent kid. But we don’t think about raising a happy kid. We all want our kids to be happy but maybe somewhere we fail to teach them to see happiness in everything, or might be we scold them so much that they forget to enjoy things. 

For example, naughty kids sometimes can do such irritating activities that you cannot refrain yourself from scolding them, but you don’t understand what you did unconsciously. You stopped them from enjoying that thing, and you also stopped them from being happy. Yes, when our kids are notorious, we have to control them, but before controlling them, I think we should lower our anger first.

The topic which we are going to discuss today is how to raise a happy child. Nowadays children learn everything in school and from parents, but the only thing which they don’t learn is to be happy. So how can we help our kids to be happy and joyful all the time? Let’s understand.


Our moods matter

Family Making Breakfast in the Kitchen

First thing first, there is no technique to teach happiness. The only way we can teach happiness is by showing our own happiness. Children often feel happy from inside when their parents are happy. If as parents you are depressed or you keep fighting in front of your kid, it is definitely going to effect your child negatively. On the other hand, if you are happy and joyful, your child will also turn out to be a happy child.


Give responsibilities

Family Preparing Food in the Kitchen

It’s always good to include your child in small household chores like folding the napkins or keeping the forks and spoons in their proper place, decorating the dinner table etc. Try motivating them and be playful while they help you in your chores. Be thankful to them for helping you. 


Fill them with optimism 

Mother and Daughter on Grass

Optimism helps us to find joy in everything. Teach your child to see positivity in everything rather than focusing on the negative effects. It is said people who are optimist are happy as well as successful in their life. Optimism also helps you to be calm from within as you don’t see any negativity around you.


Practising gratitude with your kid

Girl Picking Flowers

Finding reasons to be thankful are a great way to be happy. Of course,  you should, not impose them or force them to be thankful but it should come from within. Ask them to write thank you notes for people who spent a little time with them or taught them something new and valuable.


Empathise with them

Girls Sitting on the Floor

Being emphatic will not only let you understand their space but they would get comfortable to share their problem with you. Help your child to deal with emotional stress by understanding them. Let them understand that the thing they are asking for is not so important to snatch their happiness.


A happy child can win the world, so nurture a happy child not the perfect one.

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