27 Oct

How to prepare your house for a vacation

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While planning for a trip, the thing that bothers us more is our house. There are lots of questions which keep coming into our minds, like: “Who will take care of the home? What if somebody comes? What if there is a burglary in the neighborhood? There is so much to plan before you leave your home. On the other hand, you too need a break from your daily schedule, so it is totally a bad idea if you think of sitting and caring about your home.

So, don’t waste your time and start planning your next trip. As here, there are some tips which can keep your house safe while you are away.

Before heading out, there are a few things that need to be taken care of:

Check your refrigerator

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Clean your refrigerator before going on vacation. Whether your vacation is for two or three days or for a long duration, it is always good to get rid of all the things that might perish while you are out. Stop buying any fresh vegetables or milk before you start your trip.

Fixing the taps

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Make sure that your taps are not licked. Try repairing them and closing them properly before leaving the house.

Fixing a CCTV camera

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Though you might think it’s not needed, actually it is important if burglaries happen in your neighbourhood. If you already have CCTV, make sure it is operational; otherwise, install one outside your home to monitor who has visited while you were away.

Prepare the exterior of your house

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If you are going for a long vacation, it is always good to check on overgrown grass and plants in your garden or lawn. These are some signs that catch the eyes of burglars very quickly. They come to know from the outside appearance if there is somebody in the house or not. So, mow your lawn and trim the plants so that everything looks neat and clean.

Contact your neighbours and friends

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Talk to your neighbours and friends who are very close to you and who would care about you. Tell them about your trip and ask them to visit your place at least once a day to make sure everything is OK. Also ask them to switch on and off the lights accordingly, as lights are also one of the signals for the burglars to know if there is anybody in the house or not.

Safeguarding your valuables

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Nowadays, though, we don’t keep any of our valuables at home, so it is good to check on your valuables and keep them in a safe place if you have any. Also, scatter your important documents. Don’t keep everything in one place.

Unplug appliances

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It is always recommended to unplug all the appliances and switch off all the other devices before you leave your home.

Taking care of pets

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If there are pets at home, we have to arrange a place where they can stay while we are away. If you are thinking of not taking your pet along with you on the trip, then talk to some dog hostel owners who would keep your pets in exchange for some charges.

Social media posts

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People nowadays are much more active on social media than in real life. We keep posting our daily activities on social media to let the world know what we are doing. But, hold on to your social media postings until you return. Don’t let people know that you are not at home, as you don’t know who would drop into your house while you are away to check on things in your house. Save all your videos and photos and publish them once you are back home.

It takes a lot of planning before living our house. And house is one of the important places for us. So, it is always good to plan beforehand to safeguard it in the proper way.

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