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Make your kids street smart.

Parents always keep on worrying about their kids. They keep thinking about their child’s security at school, in the neighbourhood while moving from one place to another, while playing etc. When we are with them, we can look after them, but when we are not with them, then how to keep them secure.

Keeping such questions in mind, we should start acting accordingly and start educating them with the real life problems and make them street smart to judge the problems so that they can deal with it.

Knowledge which we should share with our kids to make them street smart.

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Strangers are not our friends.

Things for them to remember compulsorily is that they should not talk to any strangers. Make them understand that they should avoid talking to strangers as well as not take anything from them, be it anything.
If they sense that somebody is following them, they should go to some place where they can find more public and call the police control room with somebody’s help.

Listen only to what your parents and teachers say.

Sometimes some relatives or our family friends can also mislead our child due to jealousy or for some other family problems. Tell your child clearly they should rely only on what their parents and class teacher say and not on others. They should not believe in others, whatever might be the situation.

No is something which they don’t know.

Teach them to say ‘NO’ when they feel like saying so. Tell them to stand up for themselves. Nobody can force them to do anything if they know to say ‘NO’. Ask them to say ‘NO’ to adults who mostly try to gift them.

Give them responsibilities.

We grow smart and responsible when we know to do something. Give them responsibility so that they learn to do some work and activities and slowly become confident in it. Teach them to clean their room, help with small chores at home, polish their shoes etc.

Behave well.

Always try to induce positivity and make them a well-behaved child. Ask them not to answer back to elders who really care for them. Teach them how to behave in public and how to talk to others.

Address and phone number are crucial.

Kids should know the address and contact numbers of their parents. Help them learn their name, address and phone number by writing it every time everywhere. This would help them remember both their address and phone number.

Emergency contact number:

It is important for our kids to know the emergency contact numbers so that they can get help when it is required. Keep on telling and also ask them to write the emergent contact numbers all the time. This will help them remember the numbers.

Show them movies related to smart kids.

Kids love to watch movies and cartoons. But there are some movies and cartoons which can teach our kid what to do when. Home Alone and Baby’s Day Out are some movies which should be shown to the kids to understand how they can deal with dangerous situations smartly.

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