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How to maintain friendship during school closure.

How to maintain friendship during school closure.


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School closure: A few years back school closure meant summer vacation or winter vacation to us when our school used to remain close for a few days, or months, and again used to reopen. But now the scenario is different. Now it has been more than a year since when our kids didn’t go to school as the schools are closed due to the current pandemic. Studies are very important for our kids, so we came out with a solution to overcome it by doing online or virtual classes. How the teachers will teach the students and complete their syllabus was solved. But are only studies important for our kids? The answer to this question is no. In my opinion, maintaining a healthy social relationship is much more important than studies.
Remember, a person who knows to maintain good social relationship is always more successful than the one who is always engaged with studies.
Studies and social relationship go hand in hand. But due to the pandemic, our kids are not able to meet their friends and have fun with them.

Below are some tips which can help them to maintain their relationship and have fun with their friends.


Study with your classmates

Studying alone makes us bored. Also, we don’t feel that enthusiastic towards our studies, but if we can keep a call with our classmates regularly at a fixed time, it will help our kids to study with fun. They also get a chance to clear their doubts.

Discuss with your friends

Encourage your kid to talk to his friends during the online class before the teacher starts her class. This will maintain their interest and keep them happy.

Virtual Party

Let them create a virtual birthday party or any other party where they can enjoy their friends. They can sing some song or tell a story or even narrate a real-life story which happened between him and his friends. They can have fun by cracking jokes or pulling others’ legs.

Let them talk on the phone

Talking on the phone helps them convey their message to their friends as well as helps them to develop the skill of listening and communicating to each other. We all love to talk to our friends as it refreshes us as well as gives us relief from our pain areas. It is same with our kid too, so let them talk and discuss with their friends.

There are many things which we can do virtually, but meeting in reality and hugging our friends with a sweet smile cannot be replaced by technology.

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