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How to keep your child safe while on the internet.

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Children going to school nowadays have to use the internet to complete their studies and class activities. These school-aged children are easily attracted to our digital media and can spend hours playing games or watching videos. The question to be asked is how can we protect our kids while they are busy using the internet? We all know that we get all kinds of information on the internet, and it may happen that our kids might get stuck with something bad. Protecting them from such risks is very important for their safety as well as their wellbeing.

What are the risks our kids could face?

Unwanted videos and contents

It is easy for kids to come across unwanted content like sex, violence, pornography, animal killing etc. Such materials can affect the thought process or mentality of our kids. Our children, too, can become violent or distracted from their studies.

Contact with unknowns

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We have heard many cases of Facebook where two people start talking to each other and share all their information about each other. If the other person is not making friendship with the right intention, he/she may hurt our kid in one or the other way. It could be hurting you mentally or financially.

Clicking on unnecessary pop-ups

Every time we open a website, we see a pop-up. These pop-ups may ask permission to send their notifications, emails, or messages, etc. We, as grown ups, ignore it and cancel it, but our kids would find that pop-up button exciting and invite lots of bugs and fraud.

How to protect our children from such risks?

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Choosing what to see

It is important for parents to intervene and let their kids understand what they can watch or play and what they cannot. Children, being small, don’t understand what is wrong and right for them and they just scroll through everything. Give them awareness of what is good for them and what is not.

My son also enjoys watching videos and playing video games, but I always keep an eye on him to see what he is up to. While playing games, he sometimes asks me to buy him some virtual weapons so that he can play the game well. I then tell him that these are fake and that we should not buy such things. I also instructed him to click the cross button on any pop-ups he encounters.He follows my instructions while playing games and enjoys them at the same time.

Blocking apps

Apps that have violence or are related to pornography or animal killing can be blocked so that our kids never come across such apps.

Creating a password

It would be a good idea to keep YouTube and Google Play password protected. If such apps are password protected, our kids will not be able to download anything they want, and will come to you for your permission or password every time they download something new.

Giving internet usage awareness to kids

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Try making your child responsible for what they see. Help them understand what harm they would face by watching harmful videos or playing dangerous games. Below are some tips which you, as a parent, can apply to keep your child safe from the internet.

  • Talk to your child in a friendly manner and try to understand what they are watching.
  • Play games with them like a friend and get their trust.
  • Discuss the game with them so that they feel that you are their play buddy.
  • Always instruct them on what they should and should not do while playing games.


In this digital era, the internet is very important for every task to be done. We can’t think of our lives now without the internet. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and so is the case with the internet too. We are unable to keep our child away from the internet. It can increase the knowledge of our kids, including those skills that are not needed. Parental guidance is very much required to keep our kids on the right track.

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