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How to help your child thrive in school:

How to help your child thrive in school:


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Children at the learning stage always need support and love to grow. As it is, said education begins at home, so a successful individual starts being moulded by their parents. Parents should always be there with kids not only to support them but to understand and make them understand as well. Being successful is not a talent but a skill. If we keep this in mind and help our child grow, they will definitely turn out to be successful. School is a place where they learn new things, and they also need help to understand topics which they come across daily.

Let’s understand how we can help our kid to be successful in school.

Enforce Healthy Habits:

Children might not know the benefits of following healthy habits, but we do. Let them follow a healthy lifestyle of having healthy and fresh food, exercise and following a fixed routine of doing everything.

Prepare a time table:

It is always good to follow a time table and perform the activities accordingly. For example, after they wake up in the morning, let them go for a walk outside, after which they should know that they have to eat breakfast and sit for studies.

Get yourself involved with them:

Let them know that you are always with them. Involve yourself by doing their school activities with them. It is always good to sit and help them do their homework. Answer the questions which they ask. Talk to them to understand what is going on in the school and also to understand their understanding about a particular topic. Show them that you are interested in their school activities, and thus you create an interest in them for the school.


Praise your child for all the good works they do. Try to reward them by hugging them or high five or by telling some good motivating words to them. Children are delicate and get affected by both, praise and punishments. Help them grow happily and successfully.

According to Child Mind Institute, children love praises and start growing and achieving as it makes them feel good.

Make them do things by rewarding them or giving them a small treat which they love to eat, that could include chocolates or ice-creams or anything which is their favourite.

Let them make mistakes:

Mistakes are part of success, let your kid know this. Help them to see the bigger picture and develop them accordingly. While participating in a competition make them understand that winning is not important, but participating is, since it can induce many new skills in them. So help them understand that it is good to make mistakes as it shows the path to success.

Children can achieve only when they are happy and know that there is somebody to support them. Be that support for them and show them the right path.

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