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How to Help students Stop Procrastinating.

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Everybody loves to complete their work on time, but none of us does that. Postponing work, doing it or giving it attention later is what we all do, to not get engaged with any kind of hard work or tension. Students have lots of things to study and prepare, but they just don’t want to do it. Tests, homework, assignments all are done at the last moment, burning the midnight oil just because all these works were procrastinated. The problem here is everything is done at the last moment under pressure and not with ease.

Not only students, but there are many who keep procrastinating their work. Let us look into some tips which might help us to complete our work on time if followed.

Get organised

Plan your activities before doing them. Planning means allowing specific time to do something. Most of the time our work remains undone because we are unable to plan and utilise our time. If it is planned, all the activities will get a specific time of completion, and we can complete it without any procrastination.

Keep away from distractions

Distractions are the things which disturb us and might hamper our work. It is good to be away from distraction while you work. Choose a place which is silent and where you can concentrate on your work. It will be good if we are away from our mobile phones and all kinds of social media activities which are very distracting.

Priority to do list

Prepare a list of your priority work. There are some work which needs to be completed first than others. Priority list will help you know about your priority work and, accordingly, you can concentrate your focus on those activities first.

Short breaks

There are people who can sit for hours and do their work. But most of us cannot sit at one place for a long time. It is good to take a small break every thirty minutes, relax, get charged and then again focus back on your work. During these small breaks you can listen to music, grab a cup of coffee or just walk a little.

Sit with friends

There are some activities which are done better with friends, like completing an assignment for preparing for a test. Friends help us to focus on our work, and at the same time we get more ideas to complete the said work.

All the above are the tips which will work only if you are self-determination-oriented. So the most important thing is self-determination while working.

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