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How to handle kids when they react with outbursts.

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Often we have seen kids being angry if their wants are not fulfilled. Angry tantrums are a regular thing in kids of 2 to 3 years of age, but sometimes older kids can also be angry and outburst their anger. Almost every kid loses their cool one time or the other, but there are kids who find it hard to calm down. Parents and care givers have to give extra attention to such kids and teach them to handle such behaviours.

Anything can be taught and corrected with love, care and the right attitude. What can parents do to help such kids to handle their behaviour?

Parents need to keep their calm


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Handling a kid is not a difficult task, but sometimes it could be challenging. It becomes very hard to keep calm when our kids behave in a wrong way or do not listen at all. We feel like slapping them, but we end up yelling at them for their misbehaviour. No, donโ€™t do such things. Keep calm, what ever or however, your child is behaving. Let him/her calm down a little, and this is when you should go and talk to them in a calm manner. They are bound to listen to you when you speak to them in a calm tone.
If you scream at them in such a situation, they will also scream, and the matter would be worse going out of control.

Consider this scenario: You’re going down the street when you unexpectedly collide with someone without any fault of your own or the other person’s, and the other person comes up to you and yells at you. If you respond by shouting back, the situation will deteriorate; but, if you apologise with a smile, the other person will likewise calm down. The same is true for little children. They will calm down if you handle them softly.

Leave them alone


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Leave them alone when you find them too angry. Let them deal with their anger on their own, understand it and then calm down. If we keep requesting them to calm down, they wonโ€™t do so, even you might lose your calm if you are with them. So it is good to leave them alone in such situations. They will yell, they will cry, they might also go through a few things, but at last they will calm down. You should intervene only when you come to know that they have calmed down.

How can you help them


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Talk to them peacefully with love, asking them what they want. Talk to them, let their emotions find words. Help them understand that their behaviour was wrong, or it was not the way to ask for anything.
Talk to them only when they calm down totally, not if they are still crying and whining.
Listen to them and respond to them. Sit with them and just listen to what they want to say. After they have finished, respond with a positive value. Ask them if that is the right behaviour. Let them understand that the way they behaved was not acceptable. Try to find a solution to their problem and let them understand that you are there for them.

Build a strong foundation


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Try to entice values in them. Let them know about all the good and positive behaviours. Not only this helps them implement those slowly in their life, this will help them to calm down when they are angry or in controlling their anger.


Strong values can solve every problem. So make a strong value system and a strong foundation with all positive thoughts.

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