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How to create positive classroom community?

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Community means a group of people sharing same kind of interest and attitudes with each other. People work better in community or in group as they have certain responsibilities to fulfil. Implementing this idea of working in group in schools or classes might take a little more time of teachers. The burden of syllabus as well as other learning activities keep every teacher busy and they don’t get time to think about such ideas.

But some teachers do take a little time from their busy schedule and develop their class as a community, focusing only on positivity. Most teachers do not adopt such techniques as schools don’t uphold such things. Schools need to embrace all the activities or techniques that can help in the development of a child. Though everything is not possible to implement, if just a few things are implemented, the school can be successful in nurturing their students as strong individuals.

How communities can be built in classrooms?

Divide the class into groups

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A class of thirty can be divided into three groups, where each group can be assigned a specific task to do. For example : If one group is taking care of the classroom cleanliness the other group can take care of the study problems faced by the kids. And the remaining one more group can check on behaviour and obedience part of kids.

Helping each other

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Explain the meaning of community or group to your students. Let them know that when they are in community they have to help each other to overcome each others weaknesses. For example if a child is weak in studies other kids who are intelligent can help him / her on the topic and accordingly they would be given points at the end of the day. 

Change in rewarding system

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Often schools reward those kids who have done well in their studies or who were following discipline through out the year. But along with that schools should also think of rewarding kids who help others to improve and to kids who worked hard to improve him or herself. And this rewards should be given in each and every class. The idea is to motivate other kids to improve themselves and also to help them learn the value of caring and helping others. 

Reinforcement of good behaviour

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Kids are so true at their heart that even a small praise from the teacher can make them happy immensely. So don’t forget to praise your kids for every good work do. Make them smile and make them happy they would get motivated automatically. 

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