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How to choose the correct school for your kid

How to choose the correct school for your kid:


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As the admission month comes near, we get confused on choosing the correct school for our kid. The only thing which we want to know is which school would be the best suit for our kids. Various questions erupt in our mind regarding the teaching style of a school, the quality of teachers, importance given to other co-curricular activities etc.

Some of the points which we can keep in our mind while choosing a school are:

Know your child’s need:


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It is good to know what your child likes to do. Some kids are good at studies while others are good at other co-curricular activities. If your child is good at studies, you can put him or her in a school which focuses more on studies than other activities, and if he or she is not good at studies, you have to search for a school which gives importance to co-curricular activities as well, along with studies.

School syllabus or curriculum:


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There are various curriculums that a school follows. If it is decided earlier which curriculum of studies you want for your kid, it becomes easier to choose a school.

Quality of teachers:


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There are certain compulsory teaching courses to become a teacher. Some schools prefer teachers having done such courses while some do not. This makes a difference between the quality of teachers as well as the way they teach.

Teaching Method:


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Nowadays we all want to provide practical education to our kids where the concept is clear rather than asking them to memorise it. There are some schools who focus more on practical education rather than theoretical. If we can find such a school for our kid, it would be good for their future.

Security at school:


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As the days are going by, it is becoming more and more unsafe for our kids. We have to think twice before sending our kid outside of home alone. In such a scenario, school is a place where they need to be alone for six to seven hours without their parents. Here it is very important to check the security part of the school. It is good to check if they have cc.tv cameras installed in all places. The number of staff working in the school and their quality.

School behaviour:


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School behaviour is another thing which should be considered while choosing a school. Some schools are very arrogant, and you can’t reach any teacher or principal of the school to communicate or clear your doubts. So it will be better if you choose a school where they always listen to you and act on your feedback.

Under study pressure:


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We all know that kids of the current era are not that much interested in doing home work. Schools which give less pressure on kids and at the same time keep in mind to teach everything to their kids are the best.

Extra-curricular activities:


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If our child loves to do something different than studies, we must select a school which gives importance to activities other than studies. Students should not be pressured to complete their homework or assignments. If they are a little bit good at studies, that is enough for their future.

Selecting a good school means to select a good second home for our kids. Where teachers are gurus and parents. Teachers who are able to keep this dignity of being the second parent for their students as well as Gurus are the best teachers and school is the home.

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