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Tips to be a great parent

Tips to be a great parent:


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If there is any tough job in this world, that is to raise a child. Raising a child needs your total attention and care whether you know to raise a child or not. It is our responsibility to raise a good human being. Being a good parent and raising a happy child is a challenge in front of us.

Follow the below steps to be a good parent:


Give your time and attention:

When both the parents are working, it becomes difficult for them to invest their time on their kids. In such scenarios we keep a baby sitter or a nanny or even we leave our kids in a day care for the whole day. Without bothering if our kids are growing with proper values induced in them, whether they are having proper nutritious food or not and whether the child is happy or not at the end of the day.

The kids are very smart and active. They understand how much time you are having for them. Some kids might do some notorious things just to grab your attention. We should understand that kids are always happy and safe with their parents.

We keep on running behind money without bothering about the life which waits for us and wants us. So let’s give more and more time to our kids.

Understand your kids:

Most of the time we keep complaining as we don’t know what our kids want. Rather than complaining, try to spend more time with your kids and try to understand what they love to do and what they want. When you start understanding your kids, you will find your self to be more close to them.

Raising a happy and confident child:

We all want our child to be confident and happy. But what attempt are we doing to raise a confident child? Is it comparing or praising? Remember that when we compare our kid with others, they feel sad as well as we might grow a child with low self-esteem. Comparing always breaks a child, it has never, and never will mould a child. Stop shouting or nagging them for the activities which they don’t like to do. Instead, try praising and seeing the difference. When you praise your kid for their tiny good deeds, they are happy and also motivated to do lots of other good deeds which would make you happy.

Engage yourself with them:

Playing and doing several activities with your kids helps the child to be strong, confident as well as they learn different things from you. We all know that due to our office work we are not able to give much time to our kids. Try to find some time for your kids and engage yourself with them.

Drawing, playing, dancing are some of the activities which are very engaging as well as joyful. Kids love to do activities with their parents, so take out time and make them happy.

Talk to your kids:

Talking is the most effective way to get to know your kids. Talk to them and try to understand their feelings and their thoughts. When you know what they want, you can suggest good things to them as well as it is a good chance to induce good values in your kids. Try to be their friend rather than acting like a boss.

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