30 Nov

Reward system to keep kids motivated.

Teacher Talking to the Class

When a child is not attentive in the class, often teachers start scolding the child or humiliating him/her by asking different questions which they are not able to answer. Finally, they are asked to stand throughout the period or leave the class as a punishment.

My question is for the teachers here. Is it right for you to punish the child when they don’t know why they should study or what the importance of it is? Do teachers show maturity when they ask questions to humiliate a child and punish them? Do we have any such criteria in any of the syllabuses we follow? No, we don’t!

Then why are kids punished and humiliated?

CBSE, ICSE, and all the other boards never ask any school to punish the kids. In fact, if schools can go through the instructions given by different boards, they can find a huge number of options and advice which can keep a child motivated or encouraged towards studies.

One such example is the rewarding technique by the teachers. 

Let’s look at how rewards can help a child become more interested in his or her studies.

Many teachers use rewarding to get their students on the right track so that they can behave well and study hard.Yes, this technique too has its merits and demerits. So it is up to the teacher to decide which technique to use to motivate a child.

In this blog, I will be highlighting some rewarding techniques that might help teachers motivate their students.

A note by the teacher

High angle of crop unrecognizable black female teacher explaining task to focused little schoolboy sitting at desk near attentive Asian classmate writing in notebook

While going through notebooks, we come across notebooks of students who are struggling academically.Such children might have made various mistakes in the notes, or their handwriting would not be that good, or it might be possible that they have submitted an incomplete work. In such scenarios, if a teacher writes a message on the notebook simply to instruct the child, “improve your handwriting or incomplete work” will never motivate a child to do the work accordingly.

Change your words and phrases. Write messages like, “you did well and can do better, or I will be pleased if you can complete the assigned work,” and so on. kind of message not only motivates a child but also makes them happy.

Class incharge

Girl Showing Artwork While Standing in the Classroom

Naughty and weak kids are always avoided and ignored by teachers. Find a good thing done by such kids, and you can reward them by making them class incharge for the day. This boosts their confidence level and also motivates them to do good every day and always.

A big round of applause

Students Sitting in the Classroom

Let the whole class stand up and give a big round of applause for one good thing done by any kid. Recognition given in this way can always motivate a child to develop more in the learning process and grow their self esteem.

Teachers who really dwell in the hearts of students are those who can bring a little change in their lives positively.

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