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How does the world look like to a 10 year old?

How does the world look like to a 10 year old?


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We often discuss seeing through the eyes of a child, but if you really think about it, it really feels awful. The world that we saw when we were kids is completely different from the world we see now.

It is proven that the child’s view of the world settles by the time they turn 11 years old. It is time when they become capable of evaluating the world as an adult, solve problems and even plan for the future. Before 11 years, children viewed the world differently than adults. They still don’t have the experience and knowledge to understand how the whole thing goes around them.

1. Children’s Fantasies.


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Until a certain age, kids can’t see the difference between reality and fantasy. That is the time when they think everything they build up in their mind exists in reality. However, we should mention that if a child has made up something in their mind, then they will not doubt it in the fantasy.

A number of tests showed that there is a thin line of difference between reality and fantasy in kids’ perception. That is why they don’t know or they can’t differentiate which is real and which is fake.

2. Lack of Abstract Thinking.


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It is proven that children under the age of 11 years can think only about the present reality and cannot think abstractly.

Based on the experiment conducted by scientists where two groups of kids are asked to find a place where they can place their eyes on. Kids from one group who are below 11 years pointed at their forehead as they had their two eyes there. The second group of children who are all 11 years old who can think abstractly started to show different options to place their eyes, which makes them see from behind.

3. Learning Languages.


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Children can learn languages easily and faster than elders. It is said that there is a common toolbox built in the human brain that connects all the syntax of existing languages.

Not only that, millions of brain cells are responsible for kids’ perception, and the system finishes their development process before the person turns 10. That is the reason why it is harder to learn a language as you grow older.

4. The permanence of objects.


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Kids below 11 years are not mature enough or experienced enough to think about everything that happens around them.

If anything disappears from their daily place or locations, they believe it is gone forever.

The reason why you should see through the eyes of a child

Everything is new.
Everything is a new learning experience.
Less negativity and more friends
You can be anything.
The world is full of possibilities.
Your imagination is unlimited.
You don’t care about people’s opinions.
You can do things just because you wanted to do them.

It is fascinating to watch how kids see their world and deal with things, but you don’t have to be a spectator! I hope this article brought a change in the way you think about kids and their view of the world.

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