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Managing the different learning styles of the toddlers?

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While teaching we may come across kids who might need different way of explaining the same topic for their understanding. It’s the responsibility of teachers to know if a child is able to understand the concept taught in the class. If not then he/she has to find ways to make them understand using different teaching styles and also know their individual learning pattern. Each child has a different style of learning and if we as teachers know those before hand it would help us a lot while teaching. Some kids are said to be visual learners while others might be kinaesthetic and auditory learners.

We are going to discuss about all the types of learning patterns of kids in this article so that it becomes easier for us to understand and teach them accordingly.

In a class of small kids it is really difficult to grab their attention as most of them are not attracted towards letters and numbers. Some kids might be busy looking here and there or playing with something in their hands or just talking to other kids. These kids might have different learning styles it’s not like they don’t want to study but it is the style which might have not created interest in them.

A visual learning pattern

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Kids in kindergarten mostly like visual explanation as they remember what they see and also this can create interest in them. Demonstrating something using different materials, using diagrams, pictures, videos, handouts etc. can help kids learn better with visual learning preference. 

Auditory learning pattern

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Children with Auditory learning style mostly love to learn through talking it over or discussing about it i.e oral explanation of the concept. Such kids mostly like to talk and ask various questions about the given matter and listen very carefully while it is being explained. They might not be interested towards writing but can answer any thing orally. Oral explanation, questioning, conversation, talking are some of the techniques which can be used to teach and grab the attention of such kids. 

Kinaesthetic learning pattern

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Kids who have a preference to learning using kinaesthetic learning love to learn when they get concrete experience of something. Hands-on experience, touching, holding, and feeling are some of the techniques that assist such children in learning and concentrating in their studies.Telling them to try using something concrete is something that creates interest in them as well as helps them understand the concept better. Giving them practical experience using word diagrams, or creating something using paper cut-outs and colours, role-play, checklists, etc. can help them learn things easily without getting fussy about it.

Using such techniques can help a teacher be an effective tutor when he or she can help the majority of class get the concept clear.

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