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How can teachers help students achieve success

How can teachers help students achieve success:


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A good teacher is one who thinks and works for the success of his or her students. Teaching is one of the most respectful and responsible jobs to mould the future of a country. A good teacher always thinks of the development of their students and creates a path to follow for them which also includes values at the same time. This leads the students to the path of success. Their success can be measured by observing the changes in their behaviour, confidence level, grades as well as by their interaction style.


Below are some tips to mould a successful student:


Understand your students:

A teacher’s job is not only to teach, but also to understand their students. Understanding where they are actually standing, whether they are weak or strong at something and then planning how to teach them.

Build a rapport:

The most important thing a good teacher does is to build rapport with his or her kids, i.e., get to know students personally. When we know them, we talk to them, they feel free to share their feelings with us. This is the time when we can show them how life is actually, and how to deal with it. A teacher’s work is not to develop a child to be successful in a competitive exam but to be successful in life.

From known to unknown:

Unknown facts are introduced by a teacher in such a way so that the students can connect it with the knowledge which they already possess. A good teacher knows how to introduce a new topic according to a child’s understanding level.

Motivates the students:

Kids always need motivation to do something. Mostly they rely on their teachers for what they learn. If a teacher motivates a kid and shows how much expectation he or she has from them, they work hard to achieve those expectations.

Changes in teaching method:

Teaching method is something which keeps a child interested in learning. Sometimes reading and writing can be done while some other time role play or a question method can be followed to make them understand different topics. Keep your classes as lively as possible and keep them entertained and attracted to learning.

Believe in them:

Believing is trust building. Believe your kids that they can do something. This is something which they can sense, and they work hard to be true to your belief.

The most important thing which a teacher must remember is that each child is different, and we have to tackle them accordingly. At the same time, we should not use teaching for earning money or think it to be a duty. It is a noble profession and let it be noble by creating more and more successful kids.

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