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How can new technologies help to improve our teaching?

How can new technologies help to improve our teaching?


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Technology in teaching has evolved much due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this technology was available, but we teachers found our concrete classroom and chalk and duster to be more effective than any technology. But change always happens, and it teaches each and everybody to survive with the change. Same was the case in the current pandemic time. Teachers who didn’t know to check email before are able to take their class in a Google classroom using a virtual whiteboard. Children whom we used to protect from getting exposed to screen time now are attending classes one after another on the screen.

Did technology help we teachers to improve our teaching learning process? The answer is yes, it did. Let’s understand the technologies which helped us the most:

Availability of online learning platform:

It goes without saying how much help we got from different online teaching and learning platforms to transfer knowledge to our students. It was a great help for all the teachers as well as the schools to continue the teaching learning process sitting at home without getting effected by the pandemic. All the online teaching platforms like, Google meet, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype were a great help for all of us.

Record the classes:

Technology also helped us to also record our ongoing class, which was not possible in a real classroom teaching. Recording a class is an easy process now where we just have to click on the recording button avoiding all the hassle of fitting a camera and acting accordingly to record a class.

The ongoing class can be observed by the concerned authority:

Many schools who give importance to quality teaching observe the class taken by a teacher and the concerned authority has to go to the said class at the said time and get it done. But online class facilitates this, and it’s easy to observe an online class which is just a click away.

Guidance from parents:

Online classes helps parents to guide their kids to follow the instruction of the teachers and finish the said activity within the given time. Earlier it was difficult to keep eye on each and every child for a teacher, and some students used to escape doing their work. Now as parents sit with their kids, it’s not possible for them to escape any task, and they also cannot create any nuisance.

Innovative teaching material:

Technology helps teachers to create an effective lesson plan which is innovative as well as understandable by the students. New ways of teaching a single topic can be found online which can be implemented in our daily teaching learning process to make it more effective.

Technology has helped us a lot to continue our work whatever the situation may be. It is like a blessing for all of us during the ongoing pandemic.

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