21 Jan

How can kids be taught to stay organised everywhere?

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Every task would be so difficult to accomplish if it were not done in an organised and planned way. At home, we need to keep everything in an organised manner so that it is available easily when we search for it. From the kitchen to the bedroom, everything must be organised. The same is applicable to our professional lives also. When our office is organised, we are able to work smoothly. Keeping things in an organised manner can make our lives so much easier. It is also important to empower our kids with all these skills. We teach everything to our kids, but the only thing we forget to teach is how to be organised. How can we help our kids to be organised?ย 

Participating in household chores

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Help your child to learn some home chores, as nothing would help them learn organisation like home chores would. Indulging them in daily activities like folding their dresses, dusting the table, organising the fridge and their book shelf would help them to learn how to keep things in their proper place and also keep them clean.

Preparing Checklists

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If children know how to plan their activities and understand priorities, they can achieve success in the long run. Help them prepare their daily checklist and prioritise their work. This would also help them organise their schedule in a well-planned manner.

Managing time.

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One thing we donโ€™t have with us is time, but on the other hand, we do have ample time to do various things. But we all love to indulge in unimportant things rather than focussing on what actually needs to be done at a given time. Time management skills are valuable, and if we can teach our children the value of time, they will be able to achieve their goals without difficulty.The skill of managing time is the only difference between a successful and a normal person.

Colour coding

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Sometimes itโ€™s really difficult to manage the lots of assignments and worksheets that our kids get from their school. Help them decide a colour for each subject and create a folder for it accordingly. For example, a green folder for English, a blue one for maths, etc. This would save them time getting things as and when required and also keep them back in their correct places.

Think beforehand.

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Before bed, it is good to sit with the kids and schedule what they are going to do the next day. This will allow them to think about and plan everything ahead of time, which will make their work go more smoothly and make them feel more secure.

Following a proper timetable is very necessary for kids to understand how to plan and organise their work.

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