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Healthy snack ideas for kids

Assorted Fruits on Plate

Mothers frequently consider what they can prepare for their children that is both tasty and healthy.But most of the time, we end up preparing the same snacks or serving some junk to them. When it comes to food, children like only those things that are a little fatty and tasty in their form. In India, we generally prepare healthy platters during meal times, but they are usually rejected by the kids. Here, it becomes a big problem for mothers to serve taste as well as health at the same time. Below are some tips which can help mothers serve healthy platters to their kids.

Tips to serve taste with health

Kids get hungry every now and then since they are active and playful. They need lots of food intake in small portions all the time. We really don’t want to serve the same snacks to our kids again and again. Even kids get bored, and they might reject them, putting all your energy and time to waste. So what should we do? What are some healthy snack ideas? Let’s see.


Variety of Brown Nuts on Brown Wooden Panel High-angle Photo

Nuts are known for giving us energy and increasing our brain power. Nuts are a storehouse of many benefits in them, like proteins, calories, phosphorus, magnesium, fiber, fat, etc. It is also a good source of antioxidants, which can fight diseases and keep us healthy. Give a handful of nuts to your kid every day.

Note: Some kids are allergic to nuts. Keep an eye on your child to know if they are allergic. If they are allergic, avoid serving such foods to them.


Delicious dessert with berries on coaster

Whenever my son rejects everything, yoghurt comes to mind as a solution for me. Good for bone development, loaded with lots of protein and calcium, yoghurt is a healthy snack loved by every kid. This also helps to soothe our digestive system when it is upset.

My son always enjoys having yoghurt. It also soothes my mind to think that something healthy is going on inside my kid’s tummy.

Yoghurt can be served daily and has got its own health benefits, so try serving a bowl full of yoghurt to your kid every day.

Chapati sweets 

Leftover chapati laddu recipe/basi roti churma recipe | Recipes, Chapati recipes, Chapati

As the days are going by, we are moving away from our authenticity, but I love everything authentic, especially when it’s a question of food. Authentic means health and taste mixed together to give us lots of energy and positivity.

Once, while talking to my neighbour, I came to know about a very easy and healthy snack for my child. To prepare this snack, we just have to make pieces of chapati and mix them with jaggery, a few dry fruits and clarified butter. Grind all these together to a coarse paste and bind them as laddus. This snack is full of iron, calcium, and other benefits and is also loved by kids.

Try preparing something like this for your kid, which they can enjoy and also won’t create much hassle for you to prepare.

Banana Pancakes

Tasty homemade pancakes with sliced bananas near jar with honey and wooden spoon on cutting board on table

Bananas as a fruit are always a kid’s favourite. They love bananas, which are rich in calcium and also loaded with other health benefits. We can use it to prepare various tasty recipes like banana shakes, banana cakes, or banana cakes. They are always enjoyed by our little ones. 

These are so easy to prepare that even our kids can help us with making these dishes.

It’s important to take care of our little ones and also think about their healthy growth. Remember, health is wealth and so it is with our kids too.

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