10 Sep

Hardly known Tech Tools for Teachers

It’s been years now since when teachers took online classes using some online platforms like Google-Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft teams and many more. We all are very much versed with the usage of such technologies. We know how to present our classes properly and how to engage our students through these technologies. But there are some technical tools which we might not know, and it could be great help if we know about them.


Tech-Tools yet unknown:



Flipgrid for online video discussion.

Flipgrid is an online teaching platform or a video discussion forum. It mainly facilitates teacher-to-student learning process. It enables video discussion as well as a platform of learning which does not require a physical classroom. It makes video recording easier for teachers and sends it to students.

Kialo Edu for facilitating online discussion:

Kialo is a discussion forum which is used mainly for conducting debates. Many discussion tools are there but Kialo gives all the features of conducting an effective debate. Not only this, it also promotes critical thinking among the members through debate and discussion.

Mote an audio recording tool:

Mote helps us to provide personalised feedback to the students. Sometimes we do like to give audio feedback to the students. In such cases, Mote can be used to record the voice and send the same to the students. The best feature of Mote is that it is not necessary for the other person to install this app to receive the message. It also helps in recording classes in audio mode without any difficulty.

Blooket for Games and Quizzes:

Games and quizzes are a part of the teaching learning process. These are mainly used to make the concept clear as well as for engaging the class. Blooket facilitates creating games by teachers on relevant topics which could be enjoyed by students either alone or in groups. Students can also earn coins or gain avatars while playing the game. Any game can be created from the beginning or games developed by other teachers can be searched and used for the class.

Dotstorming a brainstorming tool:

The basic idea of teaching is to let the students think about the topic and come out with new ideas or a solution to the problem. While teaching, a teacher asks many questions so that the students can think on the ongoing topic. But no worries now. We have got a tool to facilitate brainstorming both among teachers and students known as the Dotstorming tool. Students can come up with new ideas with all the brainstorming facilities available in the tool which is in collaboration with all the basic tools which were available before.

Video Ant by University of Minnesota Collage of Education and Human Development:

Video Ant tool was developed by the University of Minnesota Collage of Education and Human Development. This is a powerful tool which facilitates video recording which would be totally subject-related. Sometimes we do show videos from YouTube, but they might not contain all the relevant topics which we want to cover. Video Ant facilitates such recordings. Not only this, it also helps students to comment on the video thus opening a discussion on the said topic.

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