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Hard and soft skills which Indian graduates lack

Hard and soft skills which Indian graduates lack:

Every year many graduates hit the job market, but only a few of them are successful in grabbing their dream job. According to Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani, 94% of Indian IT graduates are not fit for hiring as they lack skills in them. Not only IT, the mattar is same with other sectors as well. For example, if we talk about banking and the financial sector, our graduates donโ€™t have proper knowledge about different types of financial products or how a bank actually works. Why such problems are faced by the freshers is the question which needs to be focussed.

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Most of the institutions and colleges focus on teaching theory to students rather than giving practical knowledge. Students also keep mugging things in place of understanding the theories and definitions clearly. This is the reason why graduates lack hard skills and soft skills.

Hard Skills:

Hard skills are those which we acquire through training and experience, like technical skills or deep knowledge about the product on which we are working. They are generally acquired through practical experience which are not available in our institutions and colleges. In such cases it becomes very hard for a fresher to crack his or her first interview.

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Some examples of hard skills are coding, cloud computing, book keeping, marketing and sales, inventory management, designing etc. If colleges and institutions start imparting practical knowledge rather than theoretical it would be helpful to our graduates to achieve their dream job. Our resume is listed with the hard skills which we possess; hence, it becomes necessary to polish and refine them more.


Soft Skills:

Soft skills are those skills which we cannot measure and are also hard to define. These are interpersonal abilities and are more important than hard skills. It helps to get mixed-up with others and work in a team cordially. You need hard skills to enter a job or enter a business, but you need soft skills to grow and achieve your goal.

Soft skills which you need to grow in your career:

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Communication skill:

Communicating with others is very important to grow your corporate relationship and also to know what the other person wants. Many businesses fail because of the lack of communication, when communication is done, your half work is done, this is the mantra which many big business tycoons follow. Not only in business, communication is needed in individuals personal and professional life to make things clearer and easier.


Whenever somebody is not easily approachable, we say that he or she has a high attitude, which is a negative remark on the personality of that person. Having the right attitude is very much needed both for our personal development and for our relationship with others.

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Team work:

Working in a team means building a good relationship with every member of the team and having empathy towards others. Rather than showing seniority, itโ€™s better to show the right path to other team members so that the goal for which we all are working is achieved easily.

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Just acquiring skills to do work is not enough. One should know his or her responsibility towards his or her job. When you work in a team, others rely on you for a certain part of work to be done. Here, if you understand your responsibility towards your job, life becomes easy and the path towards your professional development becomes smoother.

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If you are stressed towards completing your task, most of the time you end up making lots of mistakes which in turn hampers your career growth. In such situations, take a break and have patience. When you are peaceful in your mind, you approach slowly towards your colourful goal.

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