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GradX makes international learning accessible to everyone:

GradX makes international learning accessible to everyone:


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GradX is an online learning platform which helps many to continue studying sitting in the comfort of their home. It is the only platform which is designed to serve the needs of students right from their early childhood.

Want to develop skills in your child right from the beginning? Check what GradX offers..


GradX Kid:

GradX kid focuses on the development of skills in small kids right from the early childhood starting from age 4.

It is always said that kids can learn anything and everything since their brains are very active. Keeping this in mind, GradX has designed its courses where kids not only learn and develop their language and numeracy skills, but they also learn basic values and ethics, which are important throughout their life.

Language skills like English are developed, which is known to be a global language and is very much required for a kid’s future growth.

Small kids are mainly attracted towards activities like colouring, drawing, crafting, singing, dancing etc. All the concepts are induced to them using such activities by highly knowledgeable international teachers.

GradX Teens:

Teenage is the time when we should keep a constant eye on our kids as this is the time when they are highly active and also don’t know what is right and wrong for them. GradX has custom design courses for teenagers where they learn all the basic rules and realities of life. They are developed as a critical thinker so that they can understand what is right or wrong for them. 

International teachers in GradX are also great counsellors who talk to the child to understand the problems they are going through and resolve them accordingly.

Sometimes teenage kids are unhappy because their parents are strict and don’t understand them. In such a case, a child might become very arrogant towards life. In such a scenario it becomes necessary to counsel the child and build them from the inside.

GradX Pro:

GradX Pro is designed to serve the needs of freshers who are searching for a job or want to be successful in their life. Nowadays things have changed, it’s not the degree that a company looks for, it looks for various other skillset too along with the degree. If a person has a degree and no skills, he/she is not going to land in a good job, but if he/she has skills he/she might have many job offers in their hands.

Skills like communication skills, leadership skills, team management skills, working in a group, soft skills all are developed in GradX. Not only this, GradX also provides career counselling to all its students so that they are successful as an individual in their life.

Thus, we can see how GradX acts like a departmental store where you get each and every type of service related to your child’s growth under one roof. GradX is the only platform which makes international learning available for everybody.

GradX kids are successful kids and parents are happy parents. 

So why don’t you book a trail class today?

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Why choose GradX?

Our innovative online platform enables expert global teachers to share their knowledge with students in a live and immersive classroom environment. This allows parents to ensure that their children have access to international learning opportunities right at home, resulting in the development of the next generation of lifelong learners, innovators, and global citizens.

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