28 Nov

Fun games to play in the classroom.

Kids Playing with Teacher in the Classroom

Only a teacher knows how difficult it is to manage a class full of naughty kids. Just ask a teacher, and they can give you all the nick names they had given to each class they handle; a class of monsters, a class of monkeys and so on. It is really a relief for a teacher when she comes out of the class after being tortured for forty to forty-five minutes.

I laughed really hard when one day I asked one of my colleagues how the class was, and she answered, “oh, thank God the class of monsters is over, it’s such a relief.”
It’s true that it is very hard to control a class of naughty kids. There are many techniques which are taught to teachers to take the class in control. Like, after entering the class wait for the kids to be calm and then start the class. But kids nowadays are much smarter than the teacher trainers. As soon as the teacher starts to speak, they start doing their mischievous activities.

How can we gain control in the class or how can we avoid losing control of the class is the question which we are going to discuss today.

We all know that kids are highly active, and we will not be able to gain their attention without involving them in any activity. Let’s know about some classroom games which would help teachers to gain attention of the students.

The blind artist

Man in Black Sweater Standing Beside Girl in Pink Dress

This is a game which can develop the imagination skill of a child and is played in pairs.

How to play.

Only four kids can participate at a time.
The material needed are blank sheets, pencil or sketch pen.

Here one child describes his/her imagination while the other draws according to his/her instruction.

This game not only develops a child’s imagination but also develops his/her motor skills.

Do not answer.

Free stock photo of adult, boy, canteen

Usually questions are asked to get the answer, but here, no answer can be expected from the child to whom it was asked.

How to play.

Only ten kids can participate at a time.

One kid can start asking random questions to the other child.

For example, what is your favourite colour?

The answer would not come from the child who is asked the question; in fact, the child standing next to him or her, would answer the question whether or not he/she knows the answer.

This helps to create bonding between the kids and also develop the skill of working in a team.

Hot or Cold

A Girl Looking Back at Her Classmate

This is a game where the whole class can be involved.

How to play.

When a child is summoned into the classroom, he or she may be requested to leave after displaying anything that has to be searched. This item could be anything from a duster to a pencil case to a book. When the youngster leaves the classroom, the instructor can hide it somewhere and summon the child inside to look for it. When a child is looking for a location that is far away from where the item is kept, the class will tell them it is a chilly zone, and if they are close by, the class will tell them it is hot.

These games help to develop many skills in kids and also help the teacher to grab the attention of the class.

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