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Four ways to get your Child Ready for kindergarten


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As the years passes by, we come to a stage when we have to send our little munchkins away from us to start their journey of education. We need to think about their development and learning process. This is also the time when we think about the preschools or playgroups where our kid can enrol and learn something.
Between all these excitement there are some worries which go on in our mind. We keep worrying if they would be able to stay there for such a long time, who will feed them, what will happen if they are not able to read or write and many more things.

Keeping all these worries in mind, we can follow the tips given below and start preparing our kids in a way that they won’t face any problem when they are away from us.

Kindergarten readiness means to make our child ready with some skill sets like physical, academic and social skills.


Improve literacy skills


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We all do read stories to our kids, but when we want them to be ready to face kindergarten, we need to put in some extra efforts. Instead of you handling the book, ask them to handle the book so that they understand how to catch a book. Ask them to turn the pages to understand that each page has a page number.
Show them the different types of pictures and talk about them or differentiate between them. While reading, put your fingers on the words to let them know that you are reading the words to tell them the story.


Develop conversational skills


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In India, multiple languages are spoken, children should know to speak three to four languages so that they can converse with people easily. Apart from knowing their mother tongue, they should also know to speak in Hindi and English. Knowing the local language would be an added advantage. Many kids get depressed or sad when they are not able to talk to others and understand others, so it is important to teach them the language which would help them to communicate with others.


Developing motor skills


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Along with developing conversational skills, motor skills should also be developed. Children should know how to catch a pencil. Drawing and colouring would create interest in them, which in turn develops their motor skills. Cutting of papers using papers using scissors while doing craft also makes their grip much more strong.


Developing social skills


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Social skills is the most important skill which should be developed before our child steps into kindergarten. Interaction with kids, playing with them, spending time with them helps them develop their social skills.


Help your child to become strong before they attend kindergarten.

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