08 Aug

Five ways to help the environment

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Every day, we learn about how the weather is changing as a result of increased pollution in our environment through social media, newspapers, and various other channels. As per much research, food production will be threatened; sea level will increase with the change in the weather if the environment is not taken care of now. We can do many things to address the green house effect and reduce our carbon footprint.

Save Water

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Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. It is true that drop by drop, a bucket can be filled, and so an ocean. It is time for all of us to save water with the rising green house effect on the Earth. Though awareness is being spread among people through multiple media to keep the water clean, there are people who do not tend to understand and are busy making money by throwing garbage into our rivers and ponds. Keeping our water clean as well as conserving it is now not only important but has become a necessity. If we do not take action now, then we can never save our Earth.

Stop using plastics

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Stop using plastic bags and materials as they are made to be thrown away after some time, and of course you do so. However, when we throw plastic into the environment, it pollutes it, especially our soil. Plastics are made up of harmful chemicals, which are harmful to both our environment and our health. Switch to using paper bags or bags made of cloth. While buying anything, try to avoid plastic and keep your home as well as the environment plastic-free.

Managing Toxic waste

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With the growth of industries, there is more toxic waste in our environment. These wastes are dangerous both for human health as well as for nature if not managed properly. These wastes can cause minor health issues like headaches or nausea, as well as serious issues like cancer, birth defects, and other life-threatening diseases. Therefore, necessary steps must be taken to manage such wastes in an environmentally friendly manner.

Use public transport.

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Many people have more than one car in their homes. Some need them due to their work purposes, while others only want to show their financial strength and status in society. It would be good if we relied less on cars and more on public transport to travel and help a little to save our Earth. Imagine what would happen if we were all out on the road in our cars.Can you sense the situation? Can you feel how refreshing and pollution-free the environment would be if we use more public transport? We alone can make the difference, so let us join our hands together and start using public transport more than our cars.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

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Reusing everything can reduce our waste a little. Whenever you buy that coffee bottle, instead of throwing it in the garbage, wash it and use it again as a container. Littering is not good for our environment, so throw every waste in the dustbin. Ask your kids to throw all the chocolate wrappers, chips packets, and cold drink bottles inside the dustbin rather than throwing them here and there. Throw dry waste in a separate dustbin so that it will be easier for garbage people to segregate them and recycle accordingly.


A little effort from our end can make a big difference. It is important to understand why waste management is important and, hence, throw garbage consciously. Let us keep our environment clean and breathe fresh air daily. Indirectly, keeping ourselves healthy and fit always.

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