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First aid lessons for children

We all love to go out, play outdoor games, even plan to picnic in some beautiful and out of the city spots. While enjoying such events, we indulge in doing many activities like swimming, jumping, fishing, climbing trees and mountains, running over here and there, and we also cook our food by fire. In between all such fun-filled activities we might get hurt or cut, and that is normal. We might fall down and cut our knees or get bruises or might burn our fingers in fire. But thinking of all these, we cannot restrict our kids from enjoying themselves. We want our kids to explore the world, be strong, isn’t it?

group of men playing soccer during daytime

It is important to teach them some safety and first aid rules. When kids are small, we can take their care, but when they grow up, they start running here and there, and it’s not possible for us to run behind them, so it is important for them to know how they can keep themselves safe and care for themselves.

Do not panic.

First basic thing which we can teach them is not to panic if the situation is not normal. If somebody is hurt, it’s good to keep our calm and help the other person. Teach them to do back ward counting like, three, two, one and act. This is how their brains will get some time to calm down and think what to do next.
They can also inhale and then exhale heavily in a panic situation and calm themselves down. It is important to keep calm, if we are calm, then only we can help others.

Quick help.

person with band aid on middle finger

When there is somebody who has got a cut or has fallen down, we should do all the small first aid which we can do at that moment to keep the situation in control. For example, if anybody is bleeding, try to tie a cloth around the area to keep bleeding under control, or press it for some time to let the clotting form. If in case the bleeding does not stop, try to get some help from somebody nearby or call for help.

Small first aid rules.

Most of the time people get panicked as they don’t know what to do when. So it is good to let our kids understand which first aid should be used for which kind of wounds.

  • They should know that if somebody has a headache, a cup of hot coffee can cure it.
  • If you got hurt, and that area has swelled, ice can be applied on it to sooth it down.
  • Bleeding through the nose is something which happens to kids if they play in hot summer. In such cases the person should sit up or stand and use a damp cloth for the bleeding to stop.
  • If there is a cut or burn, antiseptic cream should be applied in the injured area.
  • Somebody who is dealing with low blood pressure must be provided with more spicy food. On the other hand, for low blood sugar, chocolate as dairy milk works fine.

First aid kit.

Keeping a small first aid kit with us is always important. Tell them to keep a first aid kit whenever they leave for a trip or a picnic.

Call the helpline numbers.

Let your kids know about all the helpline numbers available with us. If there is any problem which cannot be controlled through small first aids, call the helpline numbers so that they can come and help you on time.

Children are always enthusiastic to get to know about the world and explore it. It is good they should explore, but at the same time it is important to know the basic safety rules and also to love and care for others.

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