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Writing Thank-You Letters.

Thank you is one of the magical words which help us to show our gratitude to people. It’s a way we show people that we are happy with what they have done for us. It means a lot to the listener. This word comes under good behaviour and politeness, and this is the reason why this must be taught to our kids. They must know how to show their gratitude to people. We all want our kids to behave properly and also know how to talk to others. A person who uses all the magical words like thank you, sorry, please, excuse me is known to be a humble and polite person.


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How can we teach humbleness to our kids? How can we teach them to use thank you while talking as well as write them as letters?

Writing thank-you letters

Let your kids know why they should write a thank-you letter. Tell them that when somebody has gifted something to them, they should say thank you or write a thank-you letter. They should know how the other person has taken pain to select a good gift, spent their money, and the best part is they thought about your kids.

Creative thank-you letters

Kids are creative. Ask them to make creative thank-you letters so that they are interested in it, and at the same time the habit of writing thank-you letters is enforced in them.

Provide proper materials

Some kids might be interested in writing thank-you letters if they see different types of colours and glitters etc. Provide them with all the materials so that they are interested in creating a thank-you letter.

Understand when they should write a thank-you letter

A gift is not the only reason why we should say thank you or write a thank-you letter. It should also be written when somebody helped them or taught something new to them. This is how we encourage people to keep doing the good work by saying thank you.

Discuss the value of saying and writing thank you

The idea is not to make them say thank you or just write thank-you cards and letters. The idea is to make them understand the value behind this magical word. Discuss with them why it is important to say thank you and how much good work can be done through these small positive gestures.

Children nowadays are very smart to create anything and send anything fast using technology. But the essence behind giving value to others is vanishing slowly. Teach them to be humble and kind and build them up to be a positive individual when they grow up.

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