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Encourage kids to write journals

Encourage kids to write journals:


child reading book


Kids are always interested in doing something creative. At this stage we can teach them anything as childhood is the only time when we can mould our kids. Between all the other activities like drawing, crafting, and other extra-curricular activities, we can also encourage our kids to write their own Journals. Journals being creative, they would like to pen down their thoughts. But they might get demotivated thinking of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

Tips to encourage your child to write journals:

It’s very important to create interest and hook the child in writing about their thoughts and feelings. Daily habit of writing a journal helps them to be a good writer.

It’s about them:


Today I am Grateful book


Make them understand that it’s about them, and they can write whatever they like without thinking whether others would like it or not.

No grammar, no spellings:


white ruled notebook on blue denim textile


Let them know that there is no rule to write a journal. They can follow their own grammar and spellings.

Expressing their thoughts:


blue marker on white printer paper


If they know that is the way they can express their thoughts, they would be happy to write and express their thoughts in their writing.

Colourful Journal:


mural advertisement


Ask them to make their journal as colourful as they like, using different colours, stickers, glitters, pictures and, if they want, they can also paste their craft work. This would make them more interested in writing journals.

Theme of Journal:


three assorted-color books


You can also give them the idea of writing journals on different themes, like family, games, friends, wishes, dreams. This would increase the area of their imagination and also let them learn writing about different themes.

Provide them with supplies which suit them:


assorted-color markers in glass jar


Help them get supplies according to their age. For kids you can provide supplies like colours and stickers. But a grown-up child might need something different to write their journal. Be sure to fulfil their needs so that they can continue writing without any hindrance.

Proper place to write:


white book behind mug


Always try to provide a proper place where they can think and write without any disturbance. Big kids might need a place full of peace, keeping that in mind, try to create a room for children accordingly.

It’s very hard to make our small kids write, but if we keep on motivating them, they can start writing with their full energy.

Let’s not lose hope and keep trying and motivating our small munchkins to do something creative.

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