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Educate children on Emergency Services

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When there is an emergency, we must know how to deal with it keeping calm within ourselves. But how can we be calm? It’s only when we know what to do and whom to contact if there is any emergency situation. This could happen to anybody anytime, so we must know how to act if such situations occur. Same is the case with kids. Our kids must know how to deal with emergency situations. But before everything, what is an emergency?

What is an emergency?

An emergency is a situation of risk to our life, property or the environment. Our kids must know that if somebody is in pain or if there is some risk somewhere, how they should act.

What are the different types of emergency and emergency services?

Kids must know how to face an emergency. Here it becomes our duty to share knowledge about different types of emergency and the way to tackle them.

Must know emergency numbers.

Police Control Room (100 )

blue and white wooden signage on gray asphalt road during daytime

In India we have many emergency numbers according to the type of emergency. But just let your child know the police control room number, i.e., 100. The number 100 can be dialed for all the types of emergencies.

In case of fire (101 )

man in white shirt and blue denim jeans wearing black helmet standing on gray concrete road

They should know if there is a fire, how they should tackle it. Ask them to use a blanket if somebody has caught fire, use water to extinguish the fire or keep a fire extinguisher which would help in such moments. Also, let them know if there is a fire on an electric wire or something related to electricity, they cannot use water. In fact, sand works better for electric fire. With all these precautions they should also switch off everything at home and off the gas cylinder as well.
At school also teachers should let children understand what they should do if in case there is a fire, and same applies to school vans.Β 

Also, they should know that for fire they should call the emergency number 101 for quick help and rescue.

Emergency number for ambulance (102 )

white and blue ambulance van traveling on road

If somebody is not well at home and is at risk, our kids should not feel helpless about it. In fact, it will be good if we let them know whom to contact if somebody is not well. The ambulance emergency number is 102. Let them know that if they dial this number, they can get quick help at their doorstep.

Emergency number for road accidents (103 )

people rescuing man lying on ground

While travelling we might have seen people meeting with accidents. But is it good to just see and move away from there? No. Our child should possess basic human behaviour. Tell your kid that if they see anybody in a problem on the road, they can call the traffic police number 103. They should get quick help for anybody who is facing a problem on the road.

Emergency numbers for Hospital on Wheels (104 )

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If there is an injured person or if someone is seriously ill, we need help, isn’t it? We can call 104 where we can get a hospital on wheels at our doorstep. It is necessary for our child to know all these emergency numbers so that they can help during the time of emergencies.

Prepare your kids for emergencies:

Share knowledge about different natural calamities with your kids and how to act if it occurs. Natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storms, cyclones etc. Let them know how they can help themselves and others during such situations. Prepare an emergency medical kit and let them know how to use it.

Role play in emergency situations

Children learn better through visual aids. So plan some role play and let your kids participate in that. Make them understand that if such an emergency occurs, what they should do and where they should go.

For example, act as if there is a fire at home. What they should do immediately? Let them run and bring some blankets and put them on you as you act as somebody who is affected by fire, ask him to take the help of water to extinguish the fire. Let them know that they can call their neighbours in such situations and also at the same time call 100 in the police control room and 101 to call fire trucks and get help to get the situation in control.Β 

Articles related to emergency situations:

There are various articles where you can find detailed information about how to act in an emergency. Ask your child to read such articles so that they know all the other tips and tricks which you might know to act in emergencies.

It is always good to prepare beforehand for any unwanted disaster. That is why it is said precaution is better than cure.

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