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Develop smart kids through extra curricular activities

Develop smart kids through extra curricular activities:


person holding blue and red paper

Every school nowadays promotes extra-curricular activities with main-stream learning as parents have grown their insights on many other fields of study than book reading. Mainstream learning is not given much importance in today’s modern era as we all know that we create a handful of geeks through studies who are good for nothing other than studies. On the other hand, extra-curricular activities give real world experience to our kids exploring things in a concrete manner than an abstract one. This helps the child to understand things better and enjoy it at the same time.

Extra curricular activities:

There are many extra-curricular activities which are taught in schools nowadays.

Art & Craft:


person with blue paint on hand

One of our favourite period during the school hours. Art and craft is always enjoyed by the kids. They love to draw and create new things. They love to dip themselves into different colours and their imagination. Art and craft is something which takes the kids to the world of their imagination and create new things. This helps them to connect with their thought process. So let your kid draw whenever they want.

Music and dance:


three woman performing traditional dance

Our Indian culture is incomplete without music and dance. Different types of music soothes our mind and soul. And when we are good singers, it helps to express our feelings. Dance, on the other hand, is enjoyable as well as keeps us physically fit.



boy in pool smiling during daytime

Swimming is loved by kids. They love to learn swimming as they get a chance to play in water. This love for playing in water can make them good swimmers of the future.



boy in red and blue soccer jersey kicking soccer ball on green grass field during daytime

Different kinds of sports are taught in schools. Sports helps our kids to be physically fit and active. It helps the child to be smart and understand the world in a better way. So sports are very important to build the body and mind of our kids.



person in front of train

Self-defence is a process of defending ourselves by the use of physical force. During the time of any violence, self-defence techniques can protect us from any harm being caused though it depends on the severity of violence and mental condition of the victim. It’s a type of skill which everyone should possess. This is the reason why this has become a part of the school syllabus where kids are taught different kinds of self-defence techniques.

In a country like India where crime can happen anytime, learning such skills is very important. Nowadays even kids are targeted as a victim of crime, in such a scenario it becomes the responsibility of the school and parents to teach self-defence techniques to their kids.

There are some self-defence tricks which we all must follow in case we don’t know any proper skill which can protect us.

Carry pepper spray in your bag:

Pepper spray can create a burning effect in the eyes of the criminal and give a chance to rescue.


silver tube on brown wooden table

Carrying a whistle might help us to grab the attention of people at the time of a crime.Technology has made everything very easy now a day. You can share a live location with your family while travelling to some place. This will help your family members to keep an eye on your safety.Always try to share the cab number with your near and dear ones, and be alert while moving in a cab or going somewhere with a stranger.

Youngsters have a habit of partying and they land anywhere in anyplace with their friends. And the most critical thing here is, they don’t like to share anything with their parents. In such cases, if any crime takes place, parents are unknown of all the facts. So it’s always good to inform your parents and then move to any place.

children participating in martial art sparring

Schools teach Karate and Taekwondo as a self-defence activity to the kids, which is very much needed in today’s world.


Don’t push your kid to study always, let them explore the world and learn new things.

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