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Develop Growth Mindset in your kids:

Develop a Growth Mindset in your kids:

A growth mindset is a belief that basic ability can be developed through hard work and determination. Some people believe that a few abilities are god-gifted and that cannot be found in many, which leads towards a negative mindset of believing that everybody can’t do it. But a growth mindset creates a love for learning where people are very much elastic towards achievement.

How to develop a growth mindset in our kids?

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Inducing positive thoughts in our kids, make them believe that nothing is impossible for them, so does a growth mindset. When our kids are groomed to believe they can achieve anything from hard work and self-determination they keep trying to achieve success in life.

When they are wrong, tell them this is the first step towards learning:

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Most of the time we are scared of failing, and that’s why we don’t try new ideas, but when we teach our kids that It’s, not wrong to fail, they keep trying till they achieve success.

Let them try new ideas and solve, problem on their own:

3x3 Rubik's Cube

Teach your kids to try new ideas to solve their problems. Various strategies and methods are required to solve a problem. When your kids are stuck in something, don’t help them to find a solution, let them do it on their own. This will develop a problem-solving attitude in them where they will not hesitate to try out new ideas.

Tell them mistakes are also important:

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Mistakes are a part of success. Teach them that everything starts with a mistake, so mistakes are very important which gives us knowledge. Tell them that mistake is a part of success, and without it, we cannot achieve success.

Teach them to believe themselves:

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Believing in oneself is very important to achieve success. When children are taught to believe in themselves they do not hesitate to face failure and work through it.

Tell success stories about people:

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Children like to listen to stories, so tell them success stories about others. Listening to a success story makes them understand how other people attained success through hard work. This not only motivates them but also inculcates a thinking process in them.

Praise them for their efforts:

woman carrying girl while toddler kissing her nose

Praising is another method to keep the child motivated, but this should be even done when the child has failed in something. Tell them that failure is a part of success and this gives, us more strength to achieve our success.

Stop Comparing:

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Do not compare your child to others. Let them understand that they are unique and they too have different abilities. Let them understand their selves, what they want, what are their abilities, what they want to achieve in their life etc. When you stop comparing they grow a little more.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” …. Thomas Edison.

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